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Sacred Flowers & Holy Flower Meaning

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Sacred flowers exist in nearly every culture and spiritual tradition. These beloved holy flowers have inspired poetry, song and art throughout history. Each entry in this alphabetical list features identifying photos and descriptions of the flower’s meaning as well as other fun facts. Explore the extensive flower meanings below for sacred flowers from around the world!

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Aster Sacred Flower of the Greeks
Aster Flower

Aster: Sacred Flower of the Greeks

Aster Flower Name Meaning
Asters mean daintiness and love. The name aster comes from the Greek word “asteri” meaning “star.” Asters were viewed as a sacred flower in ancient Greece. Aster is used as a name for both boys and girls, though primarily for girls.

More Aster Symbolism
Some believe asters have healing properties. In addition, asters have decorated the graves of French soldiers. This symbolized the wish that things had turned out differently.

Growing Aster Flowers
Asters are popular garden plants that grow in all hardiness zones. Asters do best in well-drained, loamy soil. There are many varieties of asters. As a result, asters are white, pink, blue or purple. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Azalea Sacred Flowers of the Bible
Azalea Flower

Azaleas: Sacred Flowers of the Bible

Azalea Flower Name Meaning
Azaleas mean passion, love, ardor, fragility, womanhood (China) and take care of yourself for me. The name azalea is said to be related to the Hebrew name Azaliah. This means “near the Lord” or “reserved by God.”

Growing Azaleas
Azaleas are members of the rhododendron family. Hence they grow as shrubs and small trees. They have large, showy flowers. For this reason, they are popular as ornamental plants. In fact, azaleas are arguably the favorite flowering shrub in the United States.

Azalea Flower Colors
Azalea derives from the Greek word “azaleos” meaning dry. Azaleas can be white, purple, or pink. They also come in red, orange or yellow.  Learn more about Flower Color Meanings. Azaleas belong to the same family as rhododendrons.

Baby's Breath Sacred Flowers of the Holy Spirit
Baby’s Breath Flower

Baby’s Breath: Sacred Flowers of the Holy Spirit

Baby’s Breath Name Meaning
Baby’s breath flowers mean purity of heart, innocence, humility and breath of the Holy Spirit. The name baby’s breath refers to gentle breath of a newborn. This name reflects the small and delicate blossoms of the flower.

Uses of Baby’s Breath Flowers
The genus name Gypsophila means “gypsum-loving.” Tiny baby’s breath flowers bloom in dense clusters. These beautiful clusters blend well with many other flowers. For this reason, baby’s breath typically provides filler in bouquets.

Characteristics of Baby’s Breath
The baby’s breath plant is native to Europe. Additionally, this flower grows in the eastern United States. Baby’s breath flowers are always white. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings. As a result, baby’s breath is often used as a decorative plant in gardens.

Bachelor Buttons Sacred Flowers for the Romans
Bachelor Button

Bachelor Buttons: Sacred Flowers to the Romans

Bachelor Button name Meaning
Floralia was an ancient festival in Roman  beginning around 200 BC.  This was a spring festival dedicated to the goddess Flora. The centaur Cyanus was a devotee of Flora. The official name of bachelor’s buttons honors him: Centaurea cyanus.

Sacred Meanings of Bachelor Buttons
Bachelor buttons meanings include celibacy, I am single, hope in love, blessed and delicacy. Bachelor buttons have many names: cornflowers, basket flowers and boutonniere flowers. The flower often grows as a weed in grain fields.

More About Bachelor Buttons
According to folklore, a young man may wear a bachelor button flower to indicate his love for a young woman. If the love is unrequited, the flower fades quickly. If the love is returned, the flower remains fresh.

Blue Flower Color Significance
The bachelor button is also the national flower of Poland. In terms of colors, bachelor buttons are always blue and many cultures prize bachelor buttons for their pigment. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Bauhinia Beloved Flower of Hong Kong
Bauhinia Flower

Bauhinia Flower: Beloved Flower of Hong Kong

Bauhinia Flower Name Meaning
Bauhinia flower meanings include harmony, wisdom and peace. Bauhinia means “clever leaf,” thus the association with wisdom. Bauhinia leaves are sometimes used as bookmarks.

Characteristics of Bauhinia Flowers
Thick leaves surround bauhinia flowers. The flower itself has five petals. The leaves are similar to a heart shape. Bauhinia shrubs are native to tropical southeast Asia. Thus the flowers bloom from November to March.

Bauhinias Featured on Hong Kong Flag
Bauhinia is the flower featured on the flag of Hong Kong. There are white stars around the flower and the background of the flag is red. Bauhinia flowers are always white, sometimes with purple or red markings. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Pink Begonia Flower Beloved Flower of Haiti
Begonia Flower

Begonias: Holy Flower of Haiti

Begonia Flower Name Meaning
Begonias mean fanciful nature, beware, caution, uniqueness and gratitude. Begonias are named after Michel Begon, a former governor of the French colony of Saint-Domingue (Haiti). Begonias can be given for anniversaries, congratulations for accomplishments or as thank you gifts. Begonia have showy flowers in white, pink, scarlet or yellow. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Types of Begonias
Begonias are usually large shrubs. They grow in subtropical climates as well as tropical, moist climates. They flourish in South and Central America, Africa and southern Asia. There are over 2,000 species in the Begonia genera. There are many hybrids of begonia. Their attractively marked leaves have made them quite popular.

Bird of Paradise Beloved Flower of South Africa
Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise: Beloved Flower of South Africa

Bird of Paradise Name Meaning
The bird of paradise flower means freedom, good perspective and faithful. The shape of the bird of paradise flower resembles a bird–thus, the name! The meaning “faithful” is usually when the flower is given from a man to a woman. In South Africa the bird of paradise flower is known as the crane flower.

Flower Structure and Appearance
In terms of structure, the leaves are large and broad. This is similar to a banana leaf. However, they have a longer petiole. Hence the leaves form a fan-like crown. Bird of paradise flowers are yellow. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Bluebells: Sacred Flowers of the Fairies

Bluebell Flower Name Meaning
Bluebells mean humility, gratitude, constancy and everlasting love. Bluebells are named due to their color and bell shape. Bluebells are also associated with old growth forests. In addition to the color blue, bluebells can be pink or white. 

Bluebells and the Realm of Fairies
Bluebells are closely linked to the realm of fairies. Therefore, they are sometimes called “fairy thimbles.” To call fairies to a convention, a fairy rings a bluebell. Some sources claim that witches turn themselves into hares. In this way, they are able to hide among the flowers. Read article on Bluebell Flower Meaning: Fairies, Shakespeare, Witches & Dreams.

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Yellow Buttercup Beloved Flower of Children
Buttercup Flower

Buttercups: Beloved Flower of Children

Buttercup Name Meaning
Buttercups mean humility, prosperity, childishness and neatness. Buttercups are part of a large genus of 400 species. Buttercups usually flower in April or May. However, they can be found throughout the summer in some regions. Buttercups are named simply for their gorgeous, butter-colored flowers. Accordingly, buttercups are always yellow. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Buttercup Children’s Game
The sweet little yellow flowers are favorites of children. A well-known childhood game is called “Do you like butter?” This consists of holding the flowers under your chin. A friend checks to see if their is a reflection of the bright color. If there is, you love butter!

Legend of the Buttercup
In the Pacific North West (USA), buttercups are called Coyote’s Eyes because of a legend about a coyote tossing his eyes up in the air. Before he could catch them, an eagle snatched them away. Unable to see, the coyote made eyes from the buttercup.

Cactus Flowers Rare and Beloved
Cactus Flower

Cactus Flowers: Rare and Holy Flowers

Symbolism of Cactus Flowers
The cactus flower means endurance. Another meaning is my heart burns with love. Additionally, cactus mean maternal love. In terms of colors, cactus flowers are orange and pink. Sometimes they are yellow, white or green. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings. The beautiful white flowers of the San Pedro are particularly beloved. These cactus flowers last less than a day but produce a fantastic aroma as they bloom.

Amazing Cactus Adaptations
Notably, cacti adapt to extremely arid and hot climates. Thus they have features which conserve water. For example, their stems are water holding structures. The stems also contain chlorophyll. Over time, the leaves evolved into spines. This helps to protect the plant from predators. Clearly these features are necessary for life and growth! 

Calendula Sacred Flowers in India
Calendula Flower

Calendula Flowers: Sacred Flowers in India

Meaning of Calendula Flowers
Calendula flowers are used to decorate the statues of Hindu deities in India. They are also sacred in Central America and used in the Day of the Dead celebrations. The primary meaning for calendula is winning grace. In contrast with this, calendula flowers also mean grief, despair and sorrow. Calendula are a genus in the daisy family. The daisy family includes asters, marigolds and sunflowers. There are 15-20 species of calendula. 

Medicinal Uses of Calendula
Medicinally, calendula blossoms in wine may ease indigestion. In addition, calendula petals in ointments may help skin irritations. Other uses include jaundice, sore eyes and toothaches. In terms of botany, the calendula family includes the marigold. Thus, calendula are often yellow or orange. Calendula flowers originated in southern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean area.

Calla Lily: Sacred Flowers of the Minoans

Meaning of Calla Lilies
Calla lily flower meanings are beauty, faith and hope. Indeed, the calla lily was a sacred flower to the Minoans. In addition, the ancient Jews prized this flower. Other traditions also value this flower. For example, the calla lily is featured in Christian artwork. In this case, the flower represents purity and chastity.

Calla Lily Christian Symbolism
Furthermore, the calla lily is symbolic of the ascension. The ascension is the idea of rising to heaven, either spiritually or physically.
Mary, the mother of Jesus, is believed to have been assumed bodily into heaven. In contrast with this, the Romans viewed the flower’s shape as a symbol of lust and sexuality. Explore more about calla lilies in Calla Lilly Meaning – Magnificent Beauty, Sexuality & Purity.

Camellia Flowers: Sacred Flowers of Asia

Uniqueness of Camellia Flowers
Camellia flower meaning is everlasting love. For one thing, camellias bloom for many months. In contrast, other flowers may bloom for only a few weeks. For this reason, lovers give camellias to express ongoing devotion. In Japan, the camellia is also considered to be sacred and divine. Learn more in Camellia Meaning and the History of Green Tea.

Camellia Meaning in China
Camellias have meanings in many cultures. For example, the Chinese believe that the petals reflect the spirit of a lady. On the other hand, the calyx represents the young man as her protector.
The calyx of the camellia falls with the petals when the flower dies. This is unlike most other flowers. As a result, the camellia is a symbol of eternal union. 

Carnations Sacred Flowers of the Greeks
Carnation Flower

Carnations: Sacred Flowers of the Greeks

Carnation Flower Name Meaning
The flower meaning of the carnation is fascination. Another meaning is impulsiveness. Other meanings include joy and devoted love. Additionally, carnations mean happiness. In contrast, they also disdain and refusal (white only). In addition, the Italian “carnagione” means flesh-colored. In terms of appearance, carnations come in pink, white, red, and yellow. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Carnations and the Greeks
Historically, the Greeks used carnations in ceremonial crowns. In terms of name origin, carnation may come from the Greek carnis (flesh). This is a religious reference to God made flesh. The Greeks thought of the carnation as a heavenly flower sacred to the god Jove.

Cattails Sacred to the Apache Indians
Cattail Plant

Cattail: Sacred Meanings for the Apache Indians

Cattail Spiritual Connections
Cattails meanings are peace and prosperity. Cattails are also known as bulrushes. The pollen of the cattail is considered to be sacred by the Apache Indians. The pollen is called hoddentin and is used in many rituals and ceremonies including weddings and blessings. Bulrushes also figure in the Biblical story of Moses. 

Cattails and the Ecosystem
In terms of climate, cattails are wetland plants. Thus they have spongy, strap-like leaves. Additionally, they have starchy stems. Interestingly, the thick root can be ground as a flour substitute. In the wider ecosystem, cattails play an important role. For example, the spread of cattails helps open water bodies convert to marshland. Eventually the marshland may become dry land.

Chamomile Sacred Flowers of the Ancient Saxons
Chamomile Flower

Chamomile: Sacred Flowers of the Ancient Saxons

The Power of Chamomile Flowers
Chamomile was one of the nine sacred herbs for the ancient Saxons. The Egyptians also revered chamomile as connected to their sun god Ra. The meaning of chamomile is energy in action. In terms of appearance, chamomile flowers are white. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Chamomile as a Healing Herb
Chamomile has many medicinal uses. German chamomile is taken as a strong tea. Likewise, chamomile is a digestive aid. Additionally, some experts claim that the flower has anti-inflammatory properties. For this reason, chamomile is part of ointments and lotions. Similarly, the flower is an ingredient in mouthwash. This may protect against infections of the mouth and gums. 

Cherry Blossoms Sacred Flowers in Japan
Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossoms: Sacred Flowers in Japan

Cherry Blossom Symbolism
Cherry blossoms mean education and love. Cherry blossoms have significant meanings in the East. For example, in China the cherry blossom is a symbol of feminine beauty. In terms of color, cherry blossoms are usually shades of pink and white. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Cherry Blossoms and the Samarai
Additionally, in Japan cherry blossoms symbolize the transience of life. This is due to their short blooming times. As a result, falling blossoms are metaphors for warriors who died bravely in battle. Thus cherry blossoms are linked to the samurai. Since cherry blossoms are often viewed as sacred in Japan, they are associated with Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples and other spiritual landmarks. 

Christmas Rose Sacred Flower of the Christ Child
Christmas Rose

Christmas Rose: Sacred Flower of the Christ

The Holiday Flower
The Christmas Rose flower symbolizes the Christ child. Accordingly, legends claim that they flowered on the day Christ was born. Clearly, this associates the flower with baby Jesus. In terms of colors, they are white, yellow, red, pink and purple. The red flower is the most popular color for the holidays. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Botany of the Christmas Rose
However, the Christmas Rose is not related to the rose bush. As would be expected for a winter flower, they are frost-resistant. In fact, many species are evergreens. Thus, they connect again to Christmas.

Chrysanthemums Sacred Flowers of Asia and Japan

Chrysanthemums: Sacred Flowers of Asia and Japan

Chrysanthemum Name Meaning
Chrysanthemums are valued as sacred flowers throughout Asia. There are many flower meanings for chrysanthemum! First, they mean wealth. Secondly, they mean one who is cheerful. Thirdly, they mean truth. Other meanings include hope, humility, rest, and friendship. The name derives from the Greek meaning “golden flower.” 

Multiple Meanings of Chrysanthemums
In contrast with this, in Italy they are associated with death. Additionally, the color of the chrysanthemum alters their meaning. White chrysanthemums mean freedom. Red chrysanthemums mean “I love you.”  Yellow chrysanthemum mean slighted love.

Japanese Chrysanthemum Traditions
The Japanese put a single petal at the bottom of a wine glass to sustain a long and healthy life. Japanese emperors referred to their throne as the Chrysanthemum Throne. This indicated the Imperial family’s fascination with the flower.

Purple Crocus Sacred Flower of Hermes
Crocus Flower

Crocuses: Sacred Flowers of Hermes

Ancient Crocus Flower Mythology
The crocus is associated with Hermes, son of Zeus and the nymph Maia. Hermes is the inventor of the lyre and the Greek god of trade, travel, wealth and good fortune. The Victorian meaning of crocuses is cheerful. In terms of botany, the genus crocus is in the iris family. Accordingly, crocus flowers are purple. They can also be lilac, orange and white. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Growing Beautiful Crocus Flowers
Crocus plants grow from corms. They are mainly perennials. Fortunately, crocuses are native to many places. This includes woodlands and meadows. Thus they grow throughout central and southern Europe. The flowers also grow in North Africa. In addition, crocuses are found in the Americas. Finally, crocuses grow in the Middle East, central Asia and China.

Cyclamen Sacred Flowers of Love
Cyclamen Flower

Cyclamen: Sacred Flowers of Love 

Symbolism of Cyclamen Flowers
Cyclamen flowers are the sacred flowers of love in Japan. Cyclamen are also sacred to the goddess Hecate, Greek ruler of the afterlife and magic spells. According to the Victorian language of flowers, cyclamen mean modesty. They also mean shyness and goodbye. Thus cyclamen are great gifts for friends who are retiring. They can also be used for those who are relocating.

Growing Cyclamen Flowers
They are grown both outdoors and indoors in pots. According to folklore, cyclamen can be worn by women in labor. This will speed the delivery. Geographically speaking, cyclamen grow mainly in dry forest or scrub areas. They are native to the Mediterranean and Africa.

Types of Cyclamen Flowers
Cyclamen are a genus of plants containing 20 species. They are part of the primrose family. However, cyclamen are tuberous. As a rule, cyclamen have white, bright pink, red or purple flowers. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Daffodils: Sacred Flowers of Eternal Life

Multiple Meanings of Daffodil Flowers
As the heralds of spring, daffodils are the sacred flowers of eternal life in Christian iconography. Other daffodil flower meanings are quite diverse. In the first place, daffodils are spring flowers. Thus, they mean hope and sunshine. Another meaning is “the sun shines when I’m with you.”

More Daffodil Meanings
In terms of color meaning, the typical golden color relates to prosperity. Additionally, other positive meanings are regard and respect. Daffodils can also mean chivalry. In contrast, daffodils mean unrequited love. Find out more about this beautiful flower in Daffodil Flower Meaning – Ancient Mythology, Rebirth & Prosperity.

Dahlia Sacred Flower Meaning in the Bible
Dahlia Flower

Dahlia: Sacred Flower Meaning from the Bible

Dahlia Flower Name Meaning
Dahlia comes from the Hebrew word “Daylah” meaning flowering branch. This is another spelling for the name Dalila, the Philistine woman who convinced Samson to cut his hair, thus depriving him of his incredible strength. Dahlia flower meanings are dignity and elegance. They also mean forever thine.

Medicinal Uses of Dahlias
Dahlias traditionally have medicinal uses. For example, the Aztecs used dahlias as a treatment for epilepsy. Additionally, Europeans used the dahlia as a source of food in 1840. This was because disease destroyed the French potato crop.

Dahlia Name Meaning
In terms of name origin, the dahlia is named after Swedish 18th-century botanist Anders Dahl. In regards to popularity, dahlias are often grown for flower shows. Dahlias come in many colors. These colors include include pink, peach and red. Cool colors include lavender and white. Warm colors include yellow and orange. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

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Daisy Meanings: Sacred Flowers in Norse Mythology

Mythology of Daisy Flowers
Daises are the sacred flower of Freya, the most renowned of the Norse goddesses. Freya is the goddess of death, battle, love and fertility. Daisy flowers mean purity and innocence. Daisies also mean loyal love and faith. In addition, daisies mean beauty, patience and simplicity. 

Ancient History of Daisies
Amazingly, this flower is more than 4,000 years old. For example, images of daisies decorate hairpins found in the Minoan Palace. This is an ancient site on the Island of Crete. Discover more about this classic flower in Daisy Meaning in Mythology, Religion and Around the World.

Classic Look of Daisies
In terms of appearance, daisies bloom in many colors. Of course, the classic daisy is white with a bright yellow center. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings. Daisies also appear in paintings from the Middle Ages. Here daisy meadows are known as a “flowery mead.”

Dandelion Sacred Flowers of the Sun
Dandelion Flower

Dandelion: Sacred Symbols of the Sun

The Many Meanings of Dandelions
Dandelions symbolize the sun, the most ancient and universal of all symbols. Dandelion flower meanings are love me and affection returned. Additionally, dandelion flowers mean desire, faithful and happiness. Dandelions also mean sympathy. Finally, dandelions mean love’s oracle. 

History and Uses of Dandelions
The dandelion is native to Europe and Asia. In addition, many other places have dandelions. In fact, in northern areas the dandelion is a highly successful weed. By the way, roasted dandelion root is a great coffee substitute! Dandelions are always yellow. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings. 

Daylily Flower Meaning: Devotion to One’s Mother

Ancient Daylily Meaning
Daylily flower meaning begins in ancient times. For the Chinese, the daylily means filial devotion to one’s mother. Beginning in the Victorian era with the language of flowers, daylily flower meaning includes “forgetting worries” and “flirtatious.” Daylily flowers also mean forgetting worries. To learn more about worldwide meanings for day lilies, read Daylily Flower Meaning.

Types and Uses of Daylilies
Lilies have long been treasured for their beauty and strong floral scent. The lily family includes flowers with six petals. Daylilies have two layers of three petals each. There are 80-100 species of lilies, most of which are native to Asia, Europe, and North America. The bulbs of lilies are a starchy root that have been eaten for ages in China.

Structure of Daylilies
The lily family includes flowers with six petals. Day lilies have two layers of three petals each. Commonly, lilies are white, yellow, pink, red and orange. All varieties of lilies are popular in Nordic countries. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Daylily Flower Names
In terms of the name, the day lily has many names in China. For example, the flower is called “Wong Yu.” This means forgetting worries. Alternately, the flower is an omen for expectant mothers who wish for baby boys. In this case, the flower is called “I Nan,” meaning suited for a boy. As a result, the flower is worn by many mothers. 

Delphinium Beloved Blue Flowers
Delphinium Flower

Delphinium Symbolism: Beloved Blue Flowers

Significance of Blue Delphinium
Natural blue flowers are much rarer than other colors. This gives them beloved status from the start. Delphinium flowers mean “big-hearted” and “fun.” Similarly, these cheerful flowers mean lightness and levity. Additionally, the flower means ardent attachment.

Delphinium Flower Name Meaning
In terms of name origin, the name comes from the Greek word delphis. Delphis refers to the nose of the dolphin. In the western world, Native Americans used the flower to make blue dye. Likewise, European settlers used the flowers for making ink. Delphiniums were also once thought to drive away scorpions.

Colors of Delphiniums
In addition to blue, the flowers can also can be purple, red, white. On a rare occasion, they are yellow. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Edelweiss Beloved Flower of Austria
Edelweiss Flower

Edelweiss: Beloved Flowers of Austria

A Celebrated Flower
Made famous by the musical The Sound of Music, edelweiss flowers mean daring and courage. The flowers also mean noble purity. Edelweiss petals are felted and woolly with white hairs. The blooms consist of 5 to 6 small yellow flower heads. The flowers are surrounded by leaflets.

Edelweiss Flower Name Meaning
Edelweiss belong to the sunflower family. However, edelweiss is a European mountain flower. Accordingly, the name comes from German edel (meaning noble) and weiss (meaning white). In terms of color, edelweiss are always white. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings. 

Fern Ancient Sacred Plant
Fern Plant

Fern: Ancient Sacred Plant 

The Sacredness of Ferns
Ferns are one of the oldest living plants on earth. This alone gives them an aura of sacredness and honor. The meanings of ferns are magic and fascination. In addition, ferns mean confidence and shelter. Other sources say ferns mean discretion and reverie. Ferns can also mean a secret bond of love. 

Growing Ferns in Your Garden
Many ferns are grown as landscape plants. In addition, ferns are beautiful greens for cut bouquets. Finally, ferns are wonderful houseplants. Botanically speaking, ferns do not have seeds or flowers. Instead, they reproduce by spores. There are about 12,000 varieties of ferns worldwide.

Fern Name Meaning
The English name derives from the Old English “fearn” meaning a type of leafy plant. The name came into use for women in the 19th century.

Forget-Me-Not Sacred Flower of Fidelity

Forget-Me-Not: Sacred Flowers of Fidelity

Legend of the Forget-me-Not
Forget-me-nots mean true love and memories. In 15th century Germany, lovers wore forget-me-nots. An old legend tells about a knight and his lady. They were walking along the side of a river. The knight picked a posy of flowers. Unfortunately, he fell into the river. He sank due to the weight of his armor. As he was drowning, he threw the posy to his loved one. Thereupon he shouted, “Forget me not!”

Christian Forget-Me-Not Story
Another legend is that Christ was sitting on Mary’s lap. Mary wished future generations could see them. Hence Jesus touched her eyes. Then he waved his hand over the ground. Blue forget-me-nots appeared. Although they are usually blue, forget-me-nots can also be white, pink or yellow. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.


Foxglove: Holy Roman Flowers

Mythology of Foxglove Flowers
In Roman times, the foxglove was believed to have impregnated the goddess Hera with the god Mars. This was accomplished by the goddess Flora touching Hera with the flower on her breasts and belly. In terms of colors, foxgloves are red, pink, yellow, white, and purple. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings. 

Positive and Negative Meanings
Foxglove flower meanings are both positive and negative. For this reason, they are said to sometimes heal and sometimes hurt. In the language of flowers, foxgloves mean immortality. On the other hand, foxgloves also mean insincerity. Learn more about the meanings of this unique flower in Foxglove Flower Meaning – Fairies, Immortality, Medicine & Poison. 

Foxglove Flower Name Meaning
The common name comes from “folk’s gloves.” Folk refers to fairy folk.
Alternately, some say that fox wear the gloves. As a result, the fox are not caught raiding a chicken coop. Additionally, rumor claims that picking foxglove kills fairies. This tale is told to children. Most likely, this is to keep them away from the poisonous plant. 

Fuchsia Sacred Flowers of Ireland

Fuchsia: Sacred Flowers in Ireland

Fuschia Flower Name Meaning
In Ireland, the fuchsia flower is called “Deora De” meaning the teardrops of God. Fuchsia flower meaning is confiding love. In terms of appearance, fuchsia flowers are a decorative eardrop shape. They grow throughout the summer and autumn. In fact, tropical fuchsia grow all year.

Fuchsia Flower Colors
With many species, the sepals are bright red and the petals purple. This combination of colors attracts hummingbirds. Fuchsia also comes in shades of red, pink and white. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Gardenia Sacred Flowers of the God Morpheus

Gardenia: Sacred Flowers of the Greek God Morpheus

Gardenia Flower Name Meaning
Gardenia plants have a strong, sweet scent. In close quarters, this scent can cause headaches or other reactions. The English name means simply “garden flower.”
In terms of colors, gardenias are red, pink, pale yellow and white. However, the most popular gardenia color is white. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings. 

Greek Mythology and Gardenias
The ancient Greeks believed that a person smelling gardenias could be transported to the Elysium paradise. The flowers were associated with Morpheus, the god of dreams and sleep. In the Victorian language of flowers, gardenia flowers mean “you’re lovely.” Secondly, they mean happiness. Thirdly, they mean purity and refinement. Finally, they mean secret love.

Botany of Gardenias
Gardenia flowers can be very large in some species. Surprisingly, gardenias are in the coffee family. Accordingly, they are native to warm regions. These include Africa, Asia, Australasia and Oceana. In addition, the flowers also grow in Hawaii. Botanically speaking, gardenias are shrubs or small trees. 

Geranium Sacred Flowers of Islam
Geranium Flower

Geranium: Sacred Flowers of Islam

Geranium Flower Name Meaning
In the Islamic faith, geraniums are believed to have sprung from the sweat of Muhammad. Geranium flower meanings are true friend and meeting. In contrast, they also mean stupidity and folly. The genus name derives from the Greek word geranos, meaning “crane.” This is because geranium petals are like the bill of a crane. The common name also derives from the shape of the seed-heads.

Growing Geraniums
Geographically, geraniums grow in temperate regions. In addition, they thrive in tropical mountains. In terms of colors, the flowers are often red. Additionally, they are purple, orange, white and pink. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Geranium Essential Oil
Geraniums are also used to create essential oils. Benefits of geranium essential oil include supporting skin health and mood regulation. Buy essential oils at discounted rates (24% off) with Kathleen Karlsen as your mentor (Brand Partner #1043288) at Young Living Essential Oils. Learn more about essential oils and the chakras in Chakras and Essential Oils.

Gerbera Sacred Flower of the Goddess Freya
Gerbera Flower

Gerbera: Sacred Flowers of the Goddess Freya

Nordic Flower Mythology
Gerberas are a type of daisy, the sacred flower of the Norse goddess Freya. This flower symbolizes childbirth and Motherhood. Gerberas mean happiness. They also mean simple beauty. In terms of colors, they come in orange, red and yellow. They may also be white or pink. Some gerberas have dark or black centers. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Habitat of Gerberas
Gerberas are also related to sunflowers. Thus, they have large flowers. Sometimes the flowers are five inches across. Amazingly, the flowers have hundreds of petals. Gerbera flowers are native to South America. They also grow in Africa and Asia. They are full-sun flowers. However, gerberas can handle partial shade.

Gladiolus Sacred Flower of the Roman Goddess Ceres

Gladiolus: Sacred Flowers of Roman Goddess Ceres

Gladiolus and Roman Mythology
Gladiolus is a sacred flower related to Ceres, the Roman goddess of the harvest. She created the gladiolus from the blood of a warrior who was killed defending her sacred garden. Thus, the gladiolus is associated with fallen heroes.

Gladiolus Name Meaning
Gladiolus flowers mean preparedness in the Victorian language of flowers. They also mean strength. Finally, they mean splendid beauty. In addition, gladiolus can mean love at first sight. The name gladiolus flowers derives from the shape of the leaves. This is because the leaves resemble a “gladius” or sword. Hence, the gladiolus symbolizes the Roman gladiators.

Other Uses of Gladiolus
On a practical level, the British used the stem base (corms) as a poultice for thorns and splinters. In terms of colors, gladiolus flowers are white, yellow, purple and pink. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Globe Amaranth Sacred Flowers of the Aztecs
Globe Amaranth

Globe Amaranth: Sacred Flowers of the Aztecs

Amaranth Aztec Mythology
The globe amaranth is sacred to Huitsilopochtli, the Aztec sun god. Amaranth was also offered to Artemis, the Greek goddess of chastity and the hunt as well as Demeter, the goddess of the harvest. In the Victorian flower language, Globe amaranth flowers mean unfading love. In addition, they mean immortality.

Growing Amaranth Flowers
Botanically speaking, the globe amaranth is an annual plant. Globe amaranth can grow up to 24 inches tall.
In terms of colors, the true species has magenta flowers. However, garden varieties have additional colors. These include purple, red, white, pink, and lilac. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Hibiscus Sacred Flower of the Goddess Kali

Hibiscus: Sacred Flowers of the Hindu Goddess Kali

Hibiscus and the Goddess Kali
Hibiscus flowers are sacred to the goddess Kali, a fierce Hindu goddess who is a manifestation of primal energy. Kali is a demon-slayer, protecting her devotees from all attacks and negative influence. Hibiscus flower meaning in the Victorian flower language is delicate beauty.

Hibiscus is a large genus containing over 200 species. This includes landscape shrubs. The shrubs are attractive to butterflies and bees. Different species of hibiscus have different uses. Some species are used as a vegetable. Another species is part of making paper. However, the most well-known use of hibiscus is for herbal teas. In terms of colors, hibiscus flowers are orange, yellow, red and pink. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Holly Sacred Plant of the Celts and Druids
Holly Plant

Holly: Sacred Plant of the Celts and Druids

Holly to the Celts and Druids
A wreath of Holly was worn by Celtic chieftains for good luck. The Druids viewed the holly as a symbol of fertility and eternal life. In the Victorian language of flowers, the holly plant means defense. Likely this is related to the prickly leaves. Another meaning is  domestic happiness. 

Ancient Practices Related to Holly
Interestingly, holly also means prophecy. Historically, the Romans decorated their hallways with holly garlands. This was for their mid-winter celebration called Saturnalia. Later, monks in the Middle Ages called the plant the Holy Tree. They believed holly would keep away evil spirits. Moreover, holly was believed to protect their homes from lightning.

Christian Symbolism and Holly Meaning
In the Christian tradition, the pointed leaves represent the crown of thorns worn by Jesus. Furthermore, the red berries symbolized drops of his blood.

Honeysuckle Sacred Flowers in Greek Mythology

Honeysuckle: Sacred Flowers in Greek Mythology

Ancient Stories of Honeysuckle
According to Greek mythology, the lovers Daphnis and Chloe lived far apart and were only allowed to see each other when the honeysuckle were blooming. In the Victorian language of flowers, honeysuckle means friendship. They also mean beauty. Like many other flowers, they can mean “I love you.” 

Practical Uses of Honeysuckle
On a practical level, cat toys may be created using wood cuttings from honeysuckle. This is because the wood contains the same ingredient found in catnip. In terms of colors, honeysuckle are yellow, pink, peach, red and white. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Honeysuckle Flower Name Meaning
Honeysuckle is Linnaea borealis (Latin name) after Carolus Linnaeus, a Swedish botanist. Honeysuckle is a twining flower. Honeysuckle grows in China, Europe and North America. Many species have sweetly scented, bell-shaped flowers. In Sweden, every province has a special flower. 

Huckleberry Sacred Plant of Native Americans

Huckleberry: Sacred Plant of Native Americans

Sacred Food of Indigenous Peoples
Huckleberries are a sacred food to several Native American tribes including the Yakama tribe. Huckleberries are made into jams, syrups and pies in the areas where they grow including Alaska, Montana, the Cascade Mountains and the Rocky Mountains.

Meanings and Idioms for Huckleberry
In the Victorian era, huckleberry meanings came to include faith and simple pleasures. This is often meant in an affectionate way. Huckleberries are tiny in size. This led to their connection to something small. Huckleberries are used in several expressions. For example, the idiom “a huckleberry over my persimmon” means “a bit beyond my abilities.” In contrast, the phrase “I’ll be your huckleberry” is a way of saying that you are just the right person for a given job.

Hyacinth Sacred Flowers to the God Apollo
Hyacinth Flower

Hyacinth: Sacred Flowers to the God Apollo

Hyacinth Flowers and Greek Mythology
Hyacinth flowers mean games and sports. In addition, hyacinths mean rashness. They can also mean playful joy. In terms of name origins, Hyacinth is a figure in Greek mythology. He is a youth loved by Apollo. Unfortunately, Apollo accidentally kills him. After this, the hyacinth flower sprouts from his blood. For this reason, hyacinths mean rebirth.

Hyacinth Meaning in the Orient
In other sectors, Persian New Year celebrations use hyacinth flowers as table settings. In addition, the prophet Mohammad admired hyacinths. He said, “If I had but two loaves of bread, I would sell one and buy hyacinths, for they would feed my soul.” Hyacinths come in many colors. These include white, rose, apricot, blue, purple and pink. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Impatiens Sacred Flower of the Virgin Mary

Impatiens: Sacred Flower of the Virgin Mary

Medieval Mary Gardens
Impatiens flower meaning is motherly love. In medieval gardens devoted to the Virgin Mary, impatiens were called “Our Lady’s earrings.” From a botanical standpoint, there are approximately 1,000 species of impatiens flowers. However, only a few are grown in modern gardens. 

Impatiens Color Options
In terms of appearance, impatiens flowers come in many different colors. Impatiens colors range from reds to blues to near blacks and browns. However, specific colors have not been given separate meanings. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings. 

Iris: Sacred Flower of the Trinity

Symbolism of the Iris
Iris flower meanings are faith and wisdom. On a personal level, iris flowers mean cherished friendship. They can also mean my compliments. Finally, iris flowers mean promise in love. Learn more about the intricate meaning of this flower in Iris Flower Meaning – Royalty, Faith and the Symbolic Trinity.

History of the Iris Flower
Historically, irises were used in gardens devoted to the Virgin Mary. In this context, the blade-shaped leaves denote the sorrows which “pierced her heart.” In addition, France uses the iris as their emblem. Likewise for the city of Florence, Italy. In short, the fleur-de-lis is one of the most well-known of all symbols, representing the Holy Trinity. This symbol derives from the shape of the iris flower. Read full article on Iris Meaning.

Ivy Christian Symbol of Eternity
Ivy Plant

Ivy: Christian Symbol of Eternity

Ancient Ivy Meanings
For early Christians, the ivy plant symbolized the eternal nature of the soul. The ancient Greeks, Romans, and Druids all had sacred meanings associated with this plant. The Greek god of wine named Bacchus wore a crown of ivy.

Modern Ivy Symbolism
The modern symbolism of ivy is wedded love and fidelity. In addition, ivy means friendship and affection. Ivy walls are in essence idyllic and charming. Hopefully, a soundly mortared wall is impenetrable to the climbing roots of ivy. Thus the wall will not be damaged by the ivy. In fact, the ivy protects the wall from further weathering.

When Ivy Damages Stone Walls
However, some walls may already be weak. In this case, loose mortar may be badly damaged. This is because the ivy is able to root into the weak mortar. Hence this breaks up the wall!

Jasmine Sacred Flowers in Hinduism
Jasmine Flower

Jasmine: Sacred Flowers in Hinduism

Jasmine and the Goddess Lakshmi
Jasmine are sacred flowers in Hinduism, used for incense, meditation and decoration. This is a feminine flower, associated with many goddesses, especially Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Wealth. The goddess Lakshmi is the personification of all that is good, helpful and beneficial.

Modern Jasmine Flower Symbolism
Modern jasmine flower meanings are attachment and sensuality. In addition, jasmine also means modesty and grace. Finally, jasmine means elegance. Jasmine grow in gardens and as house plants. They are also lovely cut flowers. As a result, women wear the flowers in their hair in southeast Asia.

Jasmine Flower Name Meaning
In terms of the name origin, jasmine derives from the Persian word “yasmin.” This word simply means flower. The masculine form is Jasmin. The jasmine plant is in the olive family. Jasmine blossoms are white, pink or yellow. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings. On another note, some claim that jasmine tea is medicinal. Others believe jasmine is effective in preventing certain cancers.

Jasmine Flowers and Essential Oils
Jasmine flowers are used to create essential oils. Benefits of jasmine essential oil include mood elevation and increased energy levels. Learn more about essential oils and the seven major chakras in Chakras and Essential Oils. Buy essential oils at discounted rates (24% off) with Kathleen Karlsen as your mentor (Brand Partner #1043288) at Young Living Essential Oils

Lady's Mantle Sacred Flowers of the Blessed Virgin
Lady’s Mantle

Lady’s Mantle: Sacred Flower of the Blessed Virgin

Lady’s mantle in Catholicism
Lady’s Mantle is a symbolic cloak for the Blessed Virgin. Hence Lady’s mantle grows in gardens dedicated to Mary. In terms of origins, the name alchemilla (little magical one) derives from dew. This dew collects on the lady’s mantle leaves. Dew is often associated with magic. The dew from lady’s mantle serves as a beauty lotion.

More About Lady’s Mantle Flowers
According to other traditional lore, pillows stuffed with Lady’s Mantle also bring restful sleep. Lady’s Mantle is easy to grow in areas with cool summers and moist soil. Lady’s Mantle prefers shade in warmer climates.

Lilac Flower Meaning Love and Innocence
Lilac Flower

Lilacs: Flower of Love and Innocence

Lilac Symbolic Meaning
Lilac flower meanings are beauty and innocence. In addition, they mean immortality, youth and love. On the other hand, lilacs also mean pride. In terms of colors, lilacs can also be white or pale yellow. The best known color is light violet. They are also pink or burgundy. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

More About Lilacs
Fortunately, lilacs possess a strong, perfume-like scent. Additionally, they are the state flower of New Hampshire. Lilacs grow on shrubs or trees. Additionally, Lilac is a name given to women in England. A pale purple color is known as lilac. 

Lotus Sacred Flowers of India
Lotus Flower

Lotus: Sacred Flowers of India

Symbolism of Lotus Flowers
Lotus flowers serve as a symbol of spiritual enlightenment. They mean purity, rebirth and divinity. As a consequence, the lotus is the national flower of India. Additionally, the blue lotus is the sacred water-lily of Hinduism and Buddhism. Negative meanings for the lotus are estranged love and forgetfulness. In addition, lotus roots are used widely in Asian cooking.

Lotus Flower Name Meaning
The name is derived from the Greek lotos. This is a name for various kinds of plants. Additionally, the Greek word may come from the Hebrew “lowt.” This mean a covering or veil. In terms of colors, lotus are usually white or pink. They can also be yellow, red, purple or blue. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Lupine: Flowers of Imagination

Lupine Flower Name Meaning
Lupine flower meaning is imagination. The name actually means “of wolves.” However, this is due to a mistaken belief. Ancient people thought that lupines robbed the soil of nutrients. In fact, lupines add nitrogen to the soil. Hence the Romans used lupines for fertilizer. Interestingly, they also ate the high-protein seeds. To learn more about this fascinating flower, read Lupine Flower Meaning – Imagination, Money, Food & Legends.

Growing Lupine Flowers
In regards to botany, they are both cultivated flowers and wildflowers. In relation to geography, lupines grow well in the Pacific Northwest in the United States. They also grow on the West Coast. In addition, lupines grow in New England and other northern states. Finally, lupines grow throughout Europe as far north as Norway. 

Magnolia Sacred Tree of the East

Magnolia: Sacred Tree of the East

Meaning of Magnolia Flowers
Magnolia trees are a large evergreen native to India and considered to be sacred by the Hindus and Buddhists. According to Tibetan beliefs, the next Buddha will find enlightenment under a magnolia (champaca) tree. Magnolia flower meanings are nobility and love of nature. This flower is the official state flower of both Mississippi and Louisiana. In terms of colors, magnolias can be white, pink or yellow. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Distribution of Magnolia Flowers
There are more than 200 species of Magnolia across Southeast Asia, Eastern North America, Central America, the Caribbean and parts of South America. The nickname “The Magnolia State” comes from the flower’s abundance in Mississippi. In addition, one of the oldest nicknames for Houston, Texas is “The Magnolia City.” This is due to the magnolia trees growing along Buffalo Bayou. 

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Marigold: Sacred Flowers of the Sun

Marigold Flower Name Meaning
Marigolds mean passion, creativity and happiness. Marigolds are known as the “Herb of the Sun.” The Welsh used marigolds for weather prediction. They watched to see if marigolds were open early in the morning. If not, a storm was on the way. The name honors the Virgin Mary and derives from the title “Mary’s Gold.” These flowers were lain at the feet of her statues in lieu of gold.

Colors and Uses of Marigolds
In terms of colors, marigolds are nearly always yellow or orange. This connects them to the sun. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings. In addition, marigolds are love charms. Marigolds create beautiful wedding garlands. To learn more about the many uses and meanings of marigolds, read Marigold Meaning in Romance, Astrology and Religion.

Dreams and Psychic Vision
Water from marigolds may be rubbed on the eyelids. According to tradition, this induces visions of fairies. Some cultures add marigold flowers to pillows. As a result, the sleeper will have prophetic dreams. Read full article on Marigold Meaning.

Marjoram Sacred Flowers of the Goddess Venus

Marjoram: Sacred Flowers of the Goddess Venus

Ancient and Modern Meanings
Marjoram flowers are associated with the Goddess Venus, thus bringing love and abundance. Modern marjoram flower meanings are joy and happiness. The herb dries slowly in the shade. Wild marjoram has dense clusters of small, pink flowers. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Growing Marjoram Flowers
In regards to botany, marjoram is a cold-sensitive shrub.  The leaves have a citrus flavor. As a result, the plant is also called sweet marjoram. Marjoram should be grown in areas with full sunlight and well-drained soil. The tops are cut as the plants begin to flower.

Morning Glory: Sacred Flowers in Chinese Mythology

Star-Crossed Lovers in Chinese Lore
Morning glory flower meaning is eternal love. The star-shape represents two stars in Chinese lore: Chien Niu was a boy star. He was taking care of water buffalo in heaven. There was a girl star named Chih Neu. She was put in charge of seamstress duties. They fell in love. The romance caused them to neglect their duties. After that, they were only allowed to see each other one day each year.

Morning Glory Name Meaning
The morning glory is aptly named, as it blooms in the morning and dies by the afternoon. This symbolizes the cycle of life and rebirth. Likewise, the morning glory flower is resilient, rising each morning to face the challenges of a new day. The symbolism of morning glory flowers is also affected by their color. Morning glories come in blue, purple, red, white and yellow. Read more about the meaning of morning glories in the article Morning Glory Meaning: Eternal Love & Rebirth.

Narcissus Sacred Flowers in Greek Mythology
Narcissus Flower

Narcissus: Sacred Flowers in Greek Mythology

Symbolic Meanings of Narcissus
Narcissus flower meanings are self-esteem and vanity. The name narcissus derives from Greek mythology. There was a the youth called Narcissus. He became obsessed with his own reflection. Narcissus kneeled and gazed into a pool of water. As a result, he fell into the water and drowned. After that, the narcissus plant sprang from where he died.

Narcissus Flower Name Meaning
The name derives from the Greek Narkissos. This means numbness or sleep. In terms of colors, narcissus are white, yellow, orange or pink. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Nasturtium Flower Meaning

Nasturtium: Flowers of Victory

Nasturtium Name Meaning
Nasturtium flower meanings are victory in battle and conquest. Nasturtium literally means “nose-twister” referring to the mustard-like oil in the leaves. The flower’s name is Latin for trophy. This is also a war-related reference.

Nasturtium have showy, often intensely bright flowers. In addition, they have round leaves shaped like shields. In regards to botany, there are 80 species of this flower. In terms of colors, nasturtium are red, orange or yellow. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Orange Blossom Sacred Flowers for Weddings
Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom: Sacred Flowers for Weddings

Orange blossom flowers mean innocence. They also mean eternal love. In Chinese traditions, orange blossoms are sacred flowers for marriage. Orange blossoms also mean fruitful. In addition, orange blossoms mean good fortune. For this reason, orange blossoms are popular in bridal bouquets and wreaths. 

The petals of orange blossoms create flavored water. Because of this, orange blossom water is part of Middle Eastern cuisine. The orange blossom is the state flower of Florida. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Neroli is an essential oil made from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree. Neroli is said to reduce stress (lowers cortisol levels) among many other benefits. Learn more about essential oils on this website at Chakras and Essential Oils. Buy essential oils at discounted rates (24% off) with Kathleen Karlsen as your mentor (Brand Partner #1043288) at Young Living Essential Oils

Orchid: Sacred Flowers of Christianity

Orchids are viewed as sacred flowers of the Holy Spirit. The spots that often appear on their petals are symbolic of the blood of Christ. Thus the association with Easter celebrations.

Orchid flower meanings in the Victorian language of flowers are love and beauty. Other meanings include children, thoughtfulness and mature charm. Learn more about this symbolic flower in Orchid Flower Meaning-Exotic Beauty, Ancient History & Popularity.

Orchids are a major market throughout the world. As a result, buyers now bid hundreds of dollars on new hybrids. In addition, orchids are one of the most popular cut flowers. Orchids come in many colors. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings. 

Pansies Sacred Flowers of the knights of the Round Table
Pansy Flower

Pansies: Sacred Flowers of the Knights of the Round Table

Pansies are reported to have functioned as fortune tellers for the Knights of the Round Table. When they plucked a pansy, the number of lines would indicate hope, trouble, constancy or a change of heart.

Pansies in the Victorian language of flowers mean merriment and “you occupy my thoughts.” The pansy is also called the heartsease. Another name is the Johnny Jump Up. 

Pansy Flower Name Meaning
The name pansy derives from the French word pensée. This word means “thought.” Pansy flowers resemble a human face. Pansies sometimes nod forward as if deep in thought. Pansies come in a wide range of colors. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Peonies Sacred Flowers of the Greek Gods
Peony Flower

Peonies: Sacred Flower of the Greek Gods

God Pluto on Mount Olympus
In a very complex Greek myth, the god Pluto has been wounded in battle, he can’t find the god of medicine (Asklepios) but decides to summon one of his students instead. The student Paean heals Pluto with a beautiful flower from Mount Olympus. When Asklepios finds out, he murders his student out of jealousy. 

Peony Flower Name Meaning
The god Zeus finds the body of Paean and transforms him into a flower in honor of Paean’s healing powers. The flowers are called “Paeonia” which later morphs into “peonies.” Interestingly, peonies were formerly used in medicine. Modern peony flower meanings are happy marriage and romance. Equally important, peonies signify wealth and prosperity. Peonies are known for for their large, scented flowers.

Peonies in Your Garden
In the garden, peonies tend to attract ants to the flower buds. This is due to the flower’s nectar. In regards to botany, peonies are woody shrubs. In terms of colors, they are pink, red, white or yellow. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Petunia Flower
Petunia Flower

Petunias: Beloved Flower of the Midwest USA

Petunias in the Language of Flowers
Petunia flower meaning is “your presence soothes me.” Petunias come in many colors, often violet or purple. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings. Petunias are of South American origin. They are closely related to tobacco, tomatoes and chilis.

Petunia Festival
Dixon, Illinois is the Petunia Capital of the world. Every year, the Petunia Festival draws thousands of visitors to the city. Promoters line the streets with petunias. The parade mascot is Pinky Petunia.

Poinsettia: Sacred Flowers of the Aztecs

Ancient Aztec Symbolism
The ancient Aztecs considered the poinsettia to be a symbol of purity. For them, the poinsettia was the “skinflower.” In terms of colors, poinsettias can be white, pink or red. Poinsettia plants produces a red dye. Medicinally, some say poinsettia reduces fevers. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings. 

Modern Meanings of the Christmas Flower
Today, poinsettia are the most easily recognized flower at Christmas. For this reason, poinsettia are known as the “Christmas flower.” They are also called the “Mexican flame leaf.” They are both cultivated flowers and wildflowers. In relation to geography, poinsettia originally came from Mexico and Central America. Read full article on Poinsettia Meaning – Origin of the Christmas Flower.

Poppies: Sacred Flowers of the Egyptians

Magical Meanings of Poppy Flowers
Poppy flower meanings are beauty, magic, fertility and eternal life. For this reason, the Egyptians included poppies as a scared flower at funerals and in burial tombs. Additionally, poppies denote sleep, rest and repose. Interestingly, poppies also mean humility. Finally, poppies mean prosperity. 

More Connections to Life and Death
The Greeks used poppies in the shrines of Demeter. She is the goddess of fertility. In addition, poppies are connected to Diana. Diana is goddess of the hunt. In modern times, poppies are an emblem of those who died in World War I. Read full article on Poppy Flower Meaning.

Pussy Willow Sacred Pant of the Eastern Slavs
Pussy Willow

Pussy Willow: Sacred Plant of the Eastern Slavs

Pussy Willow Spiritual Meanings
Pussy willows are considered to be a sacred plant by the Eastern Slavs and a symbol of the continuity of life. In modern symbolism, pussy willows mean motherhood. Pussy willows are one of the earliest signs of spring. Pussy willows can be gray, rose or white. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings. 

Growing Pussy Willows
The pussy willow is now grown commercially. In this situation, pussy willow shoots are picked just as the buds expand in spring. They last indefinitely once dried. In addition, the branches can be put in vases. The buds are beautiful table decorations.

Rhododendron Flower Blossom

Rhododendron: National Flower of Nepal

Rhododendron Flower Name Meaning
The name “rhododendron” literally means “rose tree.” Rhododendrons are the national flower of Nepal, blooming in the famous Himalayan mountains. In the language of flowers, rhododendrons mean protection, bold beauty, beware and caution. Some species of rhododendrons are toxic to animals. They may also have a hallucinogenic and laxative effect on humans. This is the reason they mean warning and danger.

Worldwide Popularity of Rhododendrons
Originally developed in Japan, rhododendrons were introduced in Europe in the 16th century. Today there are over 1,000 species of rhododendrons. They often come in purple, orange, pink or red. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings. In addition to being the national flower of Nepal, rhododendrons are the state flower of Sikkim in India. In the United States, they are the state flower of West Virginia and Washington.

Rose Sacred Flowers of the West
Rose Flower

Roses: Sacred Flowers of the West

Deep Meanings of the Rose
The rose in the West is similar to the lotus flower in the East: the meanings of these sacred flowers are unparalleled. The most well known rose flower meaning is love. Additionally, roses can mean passion. Wild roses have five petals. This has led to their symbolic connection to the wounds of Christ. Rose meanings vary with the flower color. For example white roses mean purity. Pink roses mean happiness. Yellow roses mean friendship. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings. 

Power of Rose Essential Oil
Rose essential oil is one of the most sought-after oils known on earth. It takes 8,000 rose flowers to produce 5ml of rose oil. For this reason, rose oil is extremely expensive. Young Living Essential Oils produces a blend called Joy that incorporates rose essential oil along with other aromatic oils.  Buy essential oils at discounted rates (24% off) with Kathleen Karlsen as your mentor (Brand Partner #1043288) at Young Living Essential Oils

Shamrock Meaning

Shamrock: Sacred Plant of the Druids

The Power of the Trinity
The shamrock was a sacred plant to the Druids due to the formation of a triad of leaves. Three was considered to be a mystical number. Shamrocks are also associated with leprechauns and other Irish legends. Today shamrocks mean good fortune, lighthearted, and good luck. The shamrock is a symbol of Ireland. It is actually a trademark of the Republic of Ireland.

Shamrock and St. Patrick’s Day
In addition, the shamrock is symbolic of St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated on March 17th. The shamrock was traditionally used for its medicinal properties. In Victorian times, the shamrock was a popular motif in interior design and housewares. 

Pink and White Snapdragon Flower

Snapdragon: Ancient Greek Flower for Modern Research

Symbolism of Snapdragons
Snapdragon flower meanings are graciousness and strength. The snapdragon is important for botanical research. Its genome has been studied in detail.

Snapdragon Flower Name Meaning
The name literally means “like a nose” in Ancient Greek. Snapdragons are perennials. They do best in full or partial sun. Snapdragons come in a wide array of colors. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

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Sunflowers: Sacred Flowers of Native Americans

Amazing Sunflower Facts
Sunflowers are sacred flowers for some Native American tribes. They are included in ceremonies and rituals such as the Sun Dance. They have also been an important source of food. Modern sunflower meaning is adoration. These flowers turn their heads to the sun. This is the origin of their common name. Sunflowers are known as one of the most joyous flowers. Learn more about sunflower symbolism in Sunflower Meaning – Ancient Incas to Modern Weddings.

Popularity of Sunflowers
Sunflowers are growing rapidly in popularity. They make great cut flowers. In addition, sunflowers are also popular garden flowers. In regards to botany, sunflowers belong to the genus helianthus. This is a reference to Helios, the sun god. Sunflowers can be many colors. The most popular is yellow. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings. Read full article on Sunflower Meaning.

Sweet Pea Flowers: Greeks to Modern Poets

Modern Sweet Pea Meanings
Sweet pea flower meanings include blissful and delicate pleasure. Additionally, they mean good-bye, departure and adieu. Likewise, they can mean “thank you for a lovely time.” Sweet peas are the flowers most closely connected to the month of April.

Sweet Pea Flower Name Meaning
Sweet peas derive their name from the Greek word “lathyros.” This word means pulse. The name sweet pea was first used by the poet Keats (1795-1821). In terms of colors, sweet peas come in pink, white, red and purple. Read full article on Sweet Pea Flower Meaning.

Tulips: Symbols of Heaven and Purity 

Tulip Flower Meanings
Tulip flowers mean fame, freedom and perfect love. The meanings also change with the color of the tulips. Red tulips mean “believe me.” They are a declaration of true love. Multicolored tulips mean “you have beautiful eyes. ” Yellow tulips mean “there’s sunshine in your smile” and cheerful thoughts.

More Tulip Color Meanings
Cream colored tulips mean “I will love you forever.” White tulips symbolize heaven, newness and purity. Purple tulips mean royalty. Pink tulips mean affection and caring. In addition, orange tulips mean energy, desire, and passion. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings. 

Verbena Flower Meaning
Verbena Flower

Verbena: Sacred Flowers of the Egyptians

Ancient Origin of Verbena Flower Meaning
Verbena (vervain) flowers were believed by ancient Egyptians to have sprung from the tears of the goddess Isis as she mourned the death of the god Osiris. Modern verbena flower meanings are “pray for me” and sensibility. In terms of colors, they are often white and pink. They can also be  red, lavender, blue and purple. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings. 

Verbena Protection from Vampires
In addition, verbena has use in folk medicine, usually as a tea. The flower is grown as a honey plant to supply bees with nectar. Geographically, verbena is native to both the American continent and Europe. According to legend, verbena will protect people from vampires.

Violets Sacred Flower of the East

Violets: Sacred Flower of the East

Multiple Meanings of Violet Flowers
Violets are viewed as smaller forms of the lotus flower in the East, like a lotus flower with a yellow center. Modern violet flower meanings are modesty, virtue and affection. Moreover, violets can mean watchful, faithful and love. Finally, they mean “let’s take a chance on happiness.” 

Violets as Beautiful Edible Flowers
When newly opened, chefs use violets to decorate salads. Similarly, cooks use violets in stuffing for poultry or fish. Moreover, violet flowers flavor soufflés. Violets can also flavor  cream and similar desserts. The English name derives from the Latin viola, meaning “violet color.” Learn more about Flower Color Meanings.

Wisteria Sacred Flower of Spring Nymphs
Wisteria Flower

Wisteria: Sacred Flower of Spring Nymphs

Wisteria Flower Name Meaning
Wisteria is the name of an ancient spring nymph. The nymphs were dedicated to their goddess Gaia. In modern times, wisteria flowers mean welcome. In addition, they mean playful. They also mean adventure. The wisteria is called “Purple Vine” in China. In one cluster, the petal shades blend from dark purple to light pink. Learn more about Flower Color Meanings. 

Wisteria Botanical Facts
Wisteria is a woody climbing vine. In regards to botany, there are 10 wisteria species. Wisteria vines climb by twining themselves around any support. Among all plants, vines are the most vivid examples of nature’s playfulness. In fact, the vine is a record of the plant’s adventures. The modern name wisteria comes from the 18th century physician, Caspar Wistar.

Zinnia Cinderella Flower
Zinnia Flower

Zinnias: Sacred Flowers Throughout the Americas

Ancient and Modern Zinnia Meanings
Zinnia flowers were considered to be sacred flowers for medicine by Native Americans. The Pueblo people feed the blossoms to their children, hoping for an increase in intelligence and eloquence. The modern flower symbolism associated with zinnias are thoughts of absent friends, lasting affection, constancy, goodness and daily remembrance. Zinnias are the state flower of Indiana.

Zinnia Flower Name Meaning
The original zinnias were found in the early 1500s in the wilds of Mexico. They were so dull and unattractive that the Aztec name for them meant “eyesore.” The common name, garden Cinderella, indicates the level of the zinnia’s later transformation. Zinnias are named for the German botanist Johann Zinn.

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Sacred flowers exist in nearly every culture and spiritual tradition. This includes Native American, European, ancient Greek and Roman mythology, Norse legends, tales of the Druids and Celts and more. These beloved sacred flowers have inspired poetry, song and art throughout history. Explore our extensive compendium of sacred flower meanings!

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