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Mantras & Kirtan in Bozeman, Montana

Bozeman Montana Vista
Looking Out Over Bozeman, Montana

The wide open spaces and big skies in Montana lend themselves naturally to a spiritual path based on gratitude for nature and a sense of awe. There is a thriving yoga community in Bozeman with plenty of diverse approaches and offerings. 

Bozeman itself is about 50,000 strong with an additional 17,000 students during the fall and spring semesters. Smaller towns in the vicinity add another 20,000 residents to the county. This growing population includes retirees, tech companies and outdoor enthusiasts.

Along with the steady growth, people new to the area looking for like-minded individuals can find both formal and informal groups exploring consciousness, spirituality and devotional practices. One of these is the practice of bhakti yoga, also known as kirtan or mantra yoga.

Story Mill Kirtan Jam
Kirtan Jam at Story Mill Park

Local Kirtan Events and Leaders

There are a surprising number of kirtan leaders in the Bozeman area as well as kirtan musicians, sound healers and mantra lovers. Local kirtan leaders include Kathleen Karlsen, Eduardo Rodarte, Michael Koster, Faith Rose, Vandana Sood-Giddings, Khandro Kelly and others.

Kathleen Karlsen leads kirtan at her home outside of Bozeman or in local yoga studios as well as the local library, parks and other natural settings. A favorite of hers is to sing and chant along the Yellowstone River!

Local kirtan leaders also join together for events on a regular basis, including a full-day Chant-a-thon held in December 2019. This event featured four kirtan bands, yoga classes, gongs with Gloria Overcash and Tibetan bowls with Brain Sparks of Livingston, Montana. More about upcoming Events with Kathleen Karlsen.

Tibetan National Anthem

Tibetan Culture in Bozeman

Tibetan culture is alive and well in Bozeman, Montana to a great extent through the efforts of Tsering Lodoe, a Tibetan opera singer and instrumentalist. Lodoe’s music is featured on the soundtrack of Seven Years in Tibet and the movie Himalaya.

Originally from from Dharamsala, India, Lodoe is based in Bozeman and has been performing throughout Montana for several years. He travels regularly around the country and the world performing at festivals and gatherings honoring Tibetan culture.

Lodoe’s performances in the local area often involve supporting musicians including Kathleen Karlsen, Michael Koster, Eduardo Rodarte, Marius Michael-George and others. 

More about Tibetan Culture and Events in Bozeman.

Valley of the Flowers Gallatin Valley

The Valley of the Flowers

There is a story told about the Gallatin Valley which nestles around Bozeman, Montana. A rock high in the Bridger Mountains is referred to as Maiden Rock. This is the place where a maiden appeared to stop a battle that was raging between the Nez Perce and the Blackfoot Indians in former days.

On the third day of battle, darkness came over the sun. A sweet voice was heard singing. A white flame appeared on top of Mount Bridger. As the flame descended, a maiden was seen, bringing a message for all in a language that all understood:

“Warriors, children of the Great Spirit, sheathe the hatchet and unstring the bow. Shed not the blood of your brothers here, lest it mingle with yonder foaming water and defile the Valley of Flowers below. There must be no war in the Valley of Flowers; all must be peace, rest and love. The Spirit Maiden has spoken the words of the Great Spirit.”

Living in Bozeman Montana

Living and Working in Bozeman

High tech businesses and the entrepreneurial spirit are also thriving in the clean mountain air. Small businesses handling both regional and national accounts are able to compete with larger businesses in less attractive environments as technology advances and the internet becomes the world’s hub for information, products and services.

Montana State University is known for top-level programs in engineering, architecture, agricultural science and biosciences. In addition, Montana is rapidly becoming a home for artists and entrepreneurs drawn to its pristine environment and wide-open spaces. Montana residents are known for friendly personalities and a strong work ethic. The prestige of Made in Montana products is growing along with the state’s reputation as the “last, best place.”

Yellowstone Park Montana

Gateway to Spectacular Parks

Bozeman’s proximity to spectacular Yellowstone National Park (about 1.5 hours) and the Grand Teton National Park (about 3.5 hours) in the south and to Glacier National Park in the north (about 6 hours) is unbeatable. These national parks draw millions of tourists each year and provide camping, hiking and sight-seeing opportunities year-round.

Use Bozeman as home base to explore some of the most amazing vistas and natural sites in the country. Montana is rapidly becoming a destination spot for weddings, corporate conferences and a wide variety outdoor adventure vacations.

Step outside your door into an array of mountain ranges: Bridgers, Absoroka Mountains, Crazy Mountains, Gallatin Mountains, Madison Mountain Range, Spanish Peaks, Tobacco Root Mountains and more!

Sacred Music in Montana

Expand Your Horizons

Come to Bozeman to enjoy the culture of healthy, conscious living. Find your tribe and the inner and outer space to expand your horizons. If you already love mantras and kirtan, your tribe is here! If this is a practice you’ve never tried, the opportunities abound. 

Subscribe to our mailing list or visit the Events page for kirtan and mantras with Kathleen Karlsen. Contact Kathleen if you are visiting or you are new in the area. Or reach out to schedule events throughout Montana or in your home town wherever that may be.  

Better yet, take a trip to Bozeman and you may never leave!

Come find your bliss in Bozeman, Montana!

Enjoy the bliss of devotional singing in multiple traditions! Kirtan is a form of devotional singing originating in India that is gaining popularity in the Western world. The word itself comes from Sanskrit. More at Everything About KirtanChanting or kirtan is also known as Mantra Yoga. Mantras are formulas with distinct impacts on emotional, mental and spiritual states. Come join us for an Event soon!

Mantras and Kirtan in Bozeman

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