Kathleen Karlsen Vocal Medicine Healing Mantras & Sacred Symbols

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Watch nearly 200 videos on Kathleen’s YouTube channel.

Published May 17, 2024

Published May 13, 2024

Find improved wellness, create a happy brain and experience emotional balance with mantras. Includes the connections between mantras, sound and the chakras. Over 30 beautiful illustrations. 186 pages

Fascinating stories of the folklore, symbolism & uses of the world’s most beloved flowers with the meanings of over 100 flowers and tips for healing with flowers. A perfect gift!  112 pages.

Watch nearly 200 videos on Kathleen’s YouTube channel.


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Look for new videos each week on Kathleen’s YouTube channel. Experience the healing power of mantras and music. Includes research and related topics. Delve into the impact of sound on the brain, body and chakras. Discover connections between sound and sacred geometry and explore the creation of altered states of consciousness through sound. Subscribe here.

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