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Do you love unexpected miracles?

I had a very interesting and unusual experience several years ago when I had a chronic back problem. I ignored the pain as best I could. My back didn’t hurt all the time, but enough to limit my movement and exercise regime, which was very important to me.

Weeks went by. Then months. There was absolutely no improvement. Then I decided to try something completely out of the ordinary….

Read the full story of A Healing Painting for My Back.

Dozens of videos and mantras on Kathleen’s YouTube channel.

May you have prosperity in the New Year!

Lakshmi is well-known as the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. Lakshmi is usually shown seated or standing on a lotus. The lotus symbolizes creation, beauty, harmony, diversity, stability, and support.

Lakshmi is also associated with gold coins as well as rice and basil. The name Lakshmi is derived from Sanskrit meaning goal, aim or sign. Lakshmi’s gifts include imperial authority, martial energy, priestly authority, dominion, splendor and nourishment.

Find dozens of videos and mantras on Kathleen’s YouTube channel.

ARTICLE: Yantras as Powerful Mystical Symbols

Yantras are geometric forms similar to mandalas that have been in use for thousands of years. In fact, there have been stones found in India with drawings of yantras dating back 10,000-12,000 years. Yantra meaning varies based on the associated mantra and the structure of the image.  Yantras are a central part of the ancient practice of using visual aids for meditation.

  • What do the geometric forms in yantras symbolize?
  • How are yantras used in architecture, astrology and healing?
  • How can you use yantras in your own life?

Learn more about the power and meaning of these beautiful symbols!

Kathleen Karlsen Mantra Workshop

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Sounds of the Cosmos

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Enrich Your Life with Uplifting Art

Books by Kathleen Karlsen

112 pages, $12.95

Flower Symbols:
The Language of Love

Fascinating information about the folklore, history, symbolism and uses of the world’s most beloved flowers. Info on over 100 flowers.

Reviews and more info about Flower Symbols.

Vocal Medicine by Kathleen Karlsen Thumb Home

186 pages, $15.95

Vocal Medicine:
Transformation through Sound

• Improved wellness through music
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• Experience emotional balance

Reviews and more info about Vocal Medicine.

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