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Five Female Buddhas

The female buddhas are generally less well known than their male counterparts. However, the masculine buddhas all have feminine consorts with their own characteristics and mantras. When taken together, the masculine and feminine forms are a balanced whole. This article includes the following five female buddhas:

  • Pandavarasini (counterpart of Amitabha)
  • Locana (counterpart of Akshobhya)
  • Mamaki (counterpart of Ratnasanbhava)
  • Tara (counterpart of Amoghasiddhi)
  • Akasadhatesvari (counterpart of Vairocana) 


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Tibetan Cultural Celebration

A celebration of Tibetan culture and fundraiser for Tsering Lodoe was held in Bozeman at the Unity Church on December 10, 2023. Lodoe is a graduate of the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts. He currently lives in Montana, but is returning to India to teach at TIPA in early 2023.

At this event, Lodoe is joined by Kathleen Karlsen, Marius Michael-George and Mayela Koster. This video clip includes the mantra “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha” lead by Lodoe and “The Medicine Buddha Mantra” led by Kathleen Karlsen. Percussion is provided by Marius Michael-George with kartals (tingshas) and vocals by Mayela Koster.

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Workshops and Kirtan Events

These events are a combination of information and experiencing the use of mantras. Workshops are an opportunity for a deeper dive into a topic such as the building blocks of mantras or mantras and sacred geometry. It’s a great chance to ask questions and dialogue with a small group.

Events are currently scheduled twice a month in Bozeman, Montana. Events are led by Kathleen Karlsen, sometimes accompanied by other musicians for special events. 

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Exploring Sound and Form

Welcome to a journey into sacred mantras, symbolic art and the mysteries of sound and form! This is a quick video to introduce the topics covered on my video channel and website.

These topics include spiritual music of East and West, sacred geometry, religious symbolism, architectural psychology and personal stories. This website includes over 100 videos on pages with relevant topics.

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