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Discover the power of the arts for freedom and transformation.

  • Explore the deeper mysteries of sacred music & symbolic art.
  • Delve into the psychology of symbolism, transformation and sacred art.
  • Find new meaning in metaphysics, ancient mysteries and modern science.


VIDEOS: Art, Music and Transformation

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Taming the Fire Monster

In the summer of 2016, all hell broke loose in my life. One of my children was dealing with a significant mental and emotional crisis, my husband and I separated, and I lost thousands of dollars when a professional project came to a sudden end.

Before that summer, I didn’t even know that there was such a tremendous force inside of me. I wanted to structure this new-found energy as a force for good. This video describes the tools and process I used to move from chaos to mastery. Read Fire Monster article.

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News Flash from the North Pole!

Just got word that SANTA WILL MAKE AN APPEARANCE at the “Hare Christmas” celebration on Sunday, December 11! Join us at 2pm at Emergence Movement & Wellness at 521 E Peach, Bozeman for Krishna Chants and Christmas carols, gifts, door prizes and general merry-making for the holiday season. 🎅
Santa Claus and Mantra Event
Hare Christmas Kirtan and Carols Events

Fascinating information about the folklore, history, symbolism and uses of the world’s most beloved flowers. Info on over 100 flowers.

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Vocal Medicine Books by Kathleen Karlsen

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