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Three Mantras for the Heart: 9th video in series just released! October 21, 2021


  • 10 video segments
  • Over 90 minutes total
  • Full-color artwork
  • Lyrics and translations
  • Reference handout

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VOCAL MEDICINE: Transformation through Sound by Kathleen Karlsen

• Achieve improved wellness through music
• Create a happy brain through mantras
• Experience increased emotional balance

Vocal Medicine combines Kathleen’s personal experiences with many years of research. She shares a fascinating look at the extraordinary potential of the practice of mantras. Discover the mysteries of music, sound and healing!

Now on Sale

186 pages, 30 Illustrations
Paperback, $15.95


Discover universal consciousness through mantras.

Listen to Kathleen Karlsen’s Vocal Medicine album

Music is one of mankind’s most extraordinary tools!
Transform your emotions, expand your consciousness and improve your well-being using mantras.

Explore color psychology & symbolic art with Kathleen Karlsen.

Learn about the extraordinary power of visualization. Understand how to use symbolic art in your life. Discover the connections between color and sound.

Explore the mysteries of art: the power of visual symbols, amazing patterns in nature, and the mystical truths in geometry. 

Be uplifted with mantras, stories, and extraordinary ideas on Kathleen’s YouTube Channel.

Tools for extraordinary health & more…

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Explore healthy lifestyle choices, exercise, diet and essential oils with Kathleen Karlsen. Accelerate your journey to health!

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Meet Kathleen Karlsen 

Kathleen Karlsen has lived an unusually dramatic life. As a child, she learned military discipline watching her father as he slowly recovered from a near-fatal plane crash. At the same time, she was encouraged by her creative mother to explore art, poetry and Eastern philosophies. 

The founder of Living Arts Enterprises, Kathleen continues to push the boundaries of life in every direction. She shares her extensive research, favorite tools and experiences to encourage others on their own spiritual and personal journeys.