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Singing changes the chemistry of the brain and dissipates feelings of isolation and depression. Chanting is a form of meditation, a type of mantra yoga. No special postures required. Just a willingness to experience the energy created by sound moving through you and filling the space around you.

Chanting is a form of sound therapy that supports health on the physical and emotional levels, often producing a calorie-free, drug-free, full body buzz! Although I intend to continue holding small group events in person, I have also posted more than two dozen mantras online for home use and spiritual practice: Unlimited free streaming.

There are three collections of chants currently posted plus additional studio and kirtan-style recordings. The collections include chants to strengthen and heal the heart (Heart Chants), chants to increase spiritual fire (Fire Chants) and chants in the Buddhist tradition (Buddhist Chants).

Enjoy the music and share with a friend!

Thyroid, Chanting and Mantras

When I first began chanting, I had been on thyroid medication for over twenty years. The thyroid is the largest organ associated directly with the throat. The women in my extended family have struggled with thyroid issues for generations. My genetics for this particular organ are probably not ideal.

Chanting is a fantastic tool for creating a healthy, balanced thyroid because the vibrations of singing pass directly through the thyroid gland. According to esoteric teachings, the throat is the seat of power, a place where emotions, intentions, praise, and criticism are all expressed.

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ART-RELATED BLOG POST: Creating on the Edge

The process of creation makes me feel ALIVE! Feeling totally alive is one of my top values. There is nothing as amazing as the process of creation–a child, a home, a business, a relationship or a piece of art.

I love to work in a flowing style with highly liquid paint because this increases the number of variables and therefore the level of excitement and creative chaos in my experiments. On the other hand, I also love the challenge of working with super thick paint and a palette knife. I guess I love the extremes!

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