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Chakra Sounds: A Comprehensive Guide

Chakra sounds include spoken, sung and played vibrations. These vary based on the central role of each chakra for health, emotional balance and spiritual development. This article will help you to learn and experience the sounds associated with the seven major chakras. You can use this information to strengthen your chakras through sound. 

Chakra sounds connect to the basic role of each chakra outlined below.

  • Root chakra: safety and belonging
  • Sacral chakra: relationships, reproduction
  • Solar plexus chakra: intuition, desires
  • Heart chakra: connection, higher self
  • Throat chakra: power, self-expression
  • Third eye chakra: spiritual vision
  • Crown chakra: wisdom, enlightenment
Chakra Sounds Yogi Female


This article on chakra sounds includes bija seed syllables, a chakra sound meditation, vocal toning and the chakras, vowel sounds for the chakras, musical instruments and the chakras, notes of the scale and sound frequencies related to each of the chakras.

Introduction to Chakra Sounds

Each of the seven major chakras are affected by particular sounds, tones, mantras and musical instruments. The practice of chanting as well as listening to certain types of sounds and music can be used to heal and strengthen the chakras. 

Each chakra has its own vibration. In the Vedic tradition, there are “seed syllables” connected to the vibration of each chakra. These are single syllables that strengthen the energy of the respective chakras.

Chakra Sounds Meditation: Bija Seed Syllables

The seed syllables for the seven main chakras are as follows: LAM (root chakra), VAM (sacral chakra), RAM (solar plexus chakra), YAM (heart chakra), HAM (throat chakra), OM (third eye chakra) and OM, AH or ANG (crown chakra).

Bija Seed Syllable Chakra Sounds

Each of the seed syllables for the chakras can be used for chanting. The chakra meditation in the video below uses the chakra seed syllables combined with appropriate instruments for each chakra. The music was created with a combination of live vocals, acoustic instruments and digital instruments.

"This is wonderful! It’s such a healing mantra for me and I feel like my whole body has been reset. The sound is so clear!"

A.C., Bozeman, MT, USA

Each verse is dedicated to a single chakra using the seed syllable and the musical instrument for the chakra. This video can be used as a sound bath or a musical meditation. Chant along with each verse or relax and use the music as a sound healing experience. Includes a colorful, inspiring visual trip through galaxies and the universe!

Root Chakra: Seed Syllable LAM, Drums, 0:00-1:40
Sacral Chakra: Seed Syllable VAM, Flute & Woodwinds, 1:41-3:05
Solar Plexus: Seed Syllable RAM, Harmonium & Organ, 3:06-4:33
Heart Chakra: Seed Syllable YAM, Violin & Strings, 4:34-6:00
Throat Chakra: Seed Syllable HAM, Horns, 6:00-7:25
Third Eye Chakra: Seed Syllable OM, Piano, 7:26-8:53
Crown Chakra: Seed Syllable AH, Conch Shell, 8:54-10:20

Chakra Sounds, Sacred Toning and Singing

Chakra Sounds and Sacred Toning

Toning sounds for the chakras include chakra pitch syllables (note names), chakra vowel sounds and the chakra bjia seed syllables discussed above. The Eastern system that gives a name to each musical pitch is called sargam. This system was invented thousands of years ago and assigns syllables to each note in the musical scale.

In the sargam system, these syllables are SA, RE, GA, MA, PA, DHA, NI and back to SA. These chakra sounds go from the root to the crown: SA (root chakra), RE (sacral chakra), GA (solar plexus chakra), MA (heart chakra), PA (throat chakra), DHA (third eye chakra) and NI (crown chakra). Each of these sounds conveys a particular energy and can be used as toning sounds for the chakras.

The Western system is familiar as DO, RE, MI, FA, SO, LA, TI, DO. Again, the sounds are assigned to each chakra: DO (root chakra), RE (sacral chakra), MI (solar plexus chakra), FA (heart chakra), SO (throat chakra), LA (third eye chakra) and TI (crown chakra). The Western system is called solemnization or the solfeggio (solfege) system.

Learn more about the origin of these systems in Chakras and Musical Notes.

Chakra Sounds and Sacred Toning

How Toning is Done

Toning is done by simply sounding one of the given syllables. Hold the tone for a single breath without strain. If you have an instrument to accompany you, drone on a single note during the exercise. If you have a keyboard, most people are comfortable starting on the A below middle C. You can use the same note for each of the chakra sounds (either the Eastern or Western system).

If you prefer, you can gradually move up through the scale. You may be able to concentrate more fully staying on a single tone. On the other hand, moving up the scale may be more interesting and thus encourage you to extend the time that you spend in chakra sounds practice.

If you are a man, you may want to start a step or two lower in pitch. Likewise, a woman may want to sing in slightly higher pitches. The emphasis is to stay within the note rather than trying to sing over a musical instrument. Keep the instrument volume low to provide a foundation that supports but doesn’t compete with your voice.

Toning is like a warm up for the chakras. This practice can be a stand-alone exercise or as a precursor to singing in a more melodic way. If you have the opportunity to practice sacred toning in a group, participants may want to sing on pitches that harmonize with each other. 

Throat Chakra Sounds Horns Musical Instruments


Chakras Sounds and Musical Instruments

There are musical instruments that produce sounds useful for balancing each chakra. Sound healing with musical instruments goes back to ancient history. The Greeks are believed to have used music to cure mental disorders. The Egyptians had acoustic chambers that are still being explored for the power of their sonic resonances.

Though recommendations differ in various systems, there are some general categories of instruments that correspond to each chakra. For a complete description of this topic, visit Chakras and Musical Instruments.

Root Chakra Sounds: Drums
Sacral Chakra Sounds: Wind Instruments
Solar Plexus Chakra Sounds: Harmonium, Organ
Heart Chakra Sounds: String Instruments
Throat Chakra Sounds: Horns
Third Eye Chakra Sounds: Piano
Crown Chakra Sounds: Conch Shell

Chakra Vowel Sounds

Chakra Sounds and Vowels

Each chakra also connects to a universal vowel sound. These chakra sounds can be chanted on a single tone or sung using a scale or a simple melody for easier repetition.

The vowel sounds for the chakras in order from the root chakra to the crown chakra are UH (root chakra), EW or OO (sacral chakra), OH (solar plexus chakra), AH (heart chakra), EYE (throat chakra), AA or AYE (third eye chakra) and EE (crown chakra).

MORE RESOURCES: Learn more in the article Chakra Vowel Sounds.

Piano Third Eye Chakra Musical Instrument

Chakra Sounds and Musical Notes

Solemnization or solfeggio is the practice of using syllables to teach pitch and sight reading through recognition of the different steps of the scale. This practice originated in ancient India with the system known as sargam mentioned above: SA, RE, GA, MA, PA, DHA, NI, SA.

Using this system, if you begin on the note C, the sounds would correspond to musical notes as follows: SA=C, RE=D, GA=E, MA=F, PA=G, DHA=A, NI=B and back to SA on the C an octave higher than the first C.

A Benedictine monk named Guido d’Arezzo invented a similar system to use with Western music: DO, RE, MI, FA, SO ,LA, TI and the return to DO. Guido was familiar with the Indian sargam. Each of these systems use a sound associated with a chakra beginning with the root chakra and ending at the crown chakra.

How this can be used to learn to sing pitches was demonstrated in the classic movie The Sound of Music: “When you read, you begin with A-B-C. When you sing, you begin with DO-RE-MI…” Guido used this system to help monks learn extensive and complex Gregorian chants.

Learn more about the origins of the Eastern sargam and the Western DO-RE-MI and how these are paired with the chakras and shifts in energy in the article Chakras and Musical Notes.

Mantras, Hindu Deities & Chakra Sounds

There are Hindu deities associated with each chakra. The deities represent particular vibrations or aspects of consciousness. Mantras, chants and bhajans to the Hindu deities are wonderful way to experience chakra sounds.

These deities are selected from the large number of deities that can be assigned to each chakra. The deities connected to each chakra and examples of mantras using their names are included in the article Chakras and Deities

Indra Hindu Deity Root Chakra Meaning

Indra Illustration by Rose Karlsen
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Root Chakra Deities: Brahma, Indra, Ganesha

Sacral Chakra Deities: Vishnu, Rakini, Parvati

Solar Plexus Chakra Deities: Rudhra, Lakini, Lakshmi

Heart Chakra Deities: Hanuman

Throat Chakra Deities: Sadashiva

Third Eye Chakra Deities: Shiva, Krishna, Rama

Crown Chakra Deities: Nataraja (Shiva)

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Chakras and Sound Frequencies

The sound frequencies associated with each chakra are measured in hertz (HZ). Hertz are the cycles per second of a sound wave. Note that the assignment of frequencies to the chakras can be a controversial undertaking

Chakra Sounds and Kundalini

Some believe that the ratios and frequencies are different for different individuals based on size, the distant between chakras due to physical proportions and so forth. This is definitely a field where additional research and study may be warranted. One possible system of frequencies is given below starting on the note A at 432HZ.

  • Root Chakra     432HZ
  • Sacral Chakra     480HZ
  • Solar Plexus Chakra     528HZ
  • Heart Chakra     594HZ
  • Throat Chakra     672HZ
  • Third Eye Chakra     720HZ
  • Crown Chakra     768HZ

Chakra Sounds Chart

The information below is available as a downloadable chart for a handy reference for all of the sounds associated with the chakras. You may have a natural affinity for one approach or another. Find the sounds that you like to work with. You do not have to be a vocalist or a musician to benefit from using chakra sounds! 

Downloadable Chakra Sounds Chart

Root Chakra Vowel Sounds


Bija Seed Syllable: LAM

Eastern Scale (Sargam): SA

Western Scale (Solfeggio): DO

Vowel Sound: UH

Musical Instrument: Drums

Sound Frequency: 432HZ

Sacral Chakra Mantra


Bija Seed Syllable: VAM

Eastern Scale (Sargam): RE

Western Scale (Solfeggio): RE

Vowel Sound: OO

Musical Instrument: Wind

Sound Frequency: 480HZ

Solar Plexus Chakra Meaning and Symbol


Bija Seed Syllable: RAM

Eastern Scale (Sargam): GA

Western Scale (Solfeggio): MI

Vowel Sound: OH

Musical Instrument: Organ

Sound Frequency: 528HZ

Heart Chakra Definitions and Symbol


Bija Seed Syllable: YAM

Eastern Scale (Sargam): MA

Western Scale (Solfeggio): FA

Vowel Sound: AH

Musical Instrument: Strings

Sound Frequency: 594HZ

Throat Chakra Meaning


Bija Seed Syllable: HAM

Eastern Scale (Sargam): PA

Western Scale (Solfeggio): SO

Vowel Sound: EYE

Musical Instrument: Horns

Sound Frequency: 672HZ

Third Eye Chakra Vowel Sounds


Bija Seed Syllable: OM

Eastern Scale (Sargam): DHA

Western Scale (Solfeggio): LA

Vowel Sound: AYE

Musical Instrument: Piano

Sound Frequency: 720HZ

Crown Chakra Definitions and Symbol


Bija Seed Syllable: AH

Eastern Scale (Sargam): NI

Western Scale (Solfeggio): TI

Vowel Sound: EE

Musical Instrument: Conch Shell

Sound Frequency: 768HZ

Healing the Throat Chakra: Author’s Story

When I first began chanting, I had been on thyroid medication for over twenty years. Before my thyroid was normalized, I was plagued with constant dry skin, cold hands and feet, and a level of fatigue that was a daily challenge. Many of these symptoms persisted even on medication. 

During the healing process, I discovered that mantras are an ideal tool for supporting the thyroid, since the vibrations of chanting and singing pass directly through the throat. I also used journaling as emotional release technique and made changes in my lifestyle and relationships.

As I worked with these tools, I had my thyroid tested under my doctor’s supervision. My thyroid is now normal without medication. I am grateful for the role that using chakra sounds, mantras and singing had in this transformation. 

About the Author

Kathleen Karlsen is a musician, artist, writer and speaker. She is the author of two books (Flower Symbols and Vocal Medicine) and over 200 articles. Kathleen, her husband Andrew and their five children live in Bozeman, Montana. More about Kathleen Karlsen.

Kathleen Karlsen’s Books

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This article covers all of the major forms of sound affecting and activating the seven major chakras. This includes the Sanskrit seed syllables, sacred toning, musical instruments, vowels, the musical scale and mantras. Some chakra sounds are self-generated. Other chakra sounds are passively experienced. Multimedia resources include audio examples of chakra sound mantras, the complete Chakra Sounds Music Video and a downloadable All Chakra Sounds Chart. Finally, a video of the personal story of healing my thyroid with chakra sounds, mantras and lifestyle changes is related in the video My Healing Journey

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