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Chakra Mantras: Music for Spirituality and Consciousness

Chakra mantras are one of the most direct ways to work with spiritual energy in the body. The bija seed syllables are fundamental sounds that are believed to connect to each of the seven chakras. Other approaches include creating affirmations for the chakras (spoken or sung),  singing chants to deities associated with the chakra in question or using the practice of sacred toning. 

Chakra Mantras & the Bija Seed Syllables

Simple chakra mantras can be created using the bija seed syllables for each chakra. These syllables reflect the essence of each chakra and help to clear and strengthen the associated energy. Creating a mantra with these sounds helps to soften their effect and make the sounds easier to repeat over an extended period of time such as ten minutes per day.

OM Gayatri Yantra Center

Typically, mantras begin with the sound OM. The Sanskrit word OM is familiar to most people. OM is the sound of the universe, the sound from which all other sounds are formed. After OM, chakra mantras contain the seed syllable for the intended chakra. Finally, chakra mantras close with the word “Namaha.” This word is usually translated as “I bow,” “I give reverence” or “I honor.”

Chakra Sounds Yogi Female

Root Chakra Mantras

Using the above formula for creating mantras for the chakras (“OM” followed by the chakra seed syllable and ending with “Namaha”), a simple mantra for the root chakra would be “OM LAM Namaha.” The seed syllable for the root chakra LAM is pronounced “luhm”. This mantra can be translated as, “I give honor to the energy of the root chakra.” An example of this mantra can be found below.

Sacral Chakra Mantras

The seed syllable for the second chakra or sacral chakra is VAM (pronounced “vuhm”). Therefore the mantra for the root chakra using this syllable is “OM VAM Namaha.” This can be translated as, “I give honor to the energy of the sacral chakra.” The sacral chakra is the center of reproduction and relationships. This is the energy of creation and multiplication. An example of a sacral chakra mantra is found below. 

Solar Plexus Chakra Mantras

The mantra for the solar plexus chakra is “OM RAM Namaha.” RAM includes the consonant “R” which is a fire consonant with “AM” (UHM) to bring in the “M” sound for the energy of the Divine Mother, also known as shakti. The solar plexus is the center of emotions, often referred to as a “gut feeling.” The solar plexus chakra is directly associated with the digestive function, lending the “fire” necessary to break down and digest food.

Heart Chakra Mantras

The mantra for the heart chakra is “OM YAM Namaha.” The heart chakra is the center of feeling and love. In the Hindu tradition, there is a chamber within the heart known as “Brahma’s Cave.” In this chamber resides a spark or flame that is necessary for sustaining life. In the West, this place is sometimes called the Secret Chamber of the Heart. The three-fold flame is said to burn here with three plumes. This idea is said to have inspired symbol of the fleur-de-lis, with one plume representing love, another wisdom and the third symbolizing power.

Throat Chakra Mantras 

The mantra for the throat chakra is “OM HAM Namaha.” The throat is the seat of power and individuality. The creative energies of life flow here. A blockage in the throat may occur if a person does not feel it is safe to speak up or to speak their truth. The throat chakra is the place where language, words, and singing serve to qualify energy and bring patterns into the physical realm.

Third Eye Chakra Mantras 

The mantra for the third eye chakra is “OM Namaha.” The seed syllable for the third eye is OM. The third eye has long been viewed as the source of psychic visions and prophetic dreams. The third eye is the focus of meditation in many traditions. The red dot painted on the forehead is symbolic of this chakra. This is called a bindu. The third eye is nearly synonymous with the idea of focus and intention. Hold a vision for your own future and the ability to see into other dimensions are both functions related to the third eye chakra.

Crown Chakra Mantras 

The mantra for the crown chakra is “OM AH Namaha.” The seed syllable for the third eye is AH. Sometimes the syllables ANG or OM are used for the drown chakra. The crown chakra is the flowering of consciousness, symbolized by the thousand petal lotus flower. The crown is the place of unity with all life and of omniscience. The crown is often associated with a white, yellow or golden light similar to the halos around the heads of saints in Christian art.

Other Types of Chakra Mantras

Other types of chakra mantras include chants to Hindu deities associated with each of the chakras, vowel sounds or sacred toning for the chakras and musical notes associated with the chakras. Each of these topics are summarized below. Links are provided to full articles on each of these topics.

Mantras to the Hindu Deities

Mantras are often an expression of devotion or gratitude. There are Hindu deities connected to the psychological, emotional and physical functioning of each chakra. In addition, the Hindu deities are memorable and colorful. Knowing their stories helps us to remember the role of each chakra. Learn more in the article Chakras and Deities.

Sacred Toning & Vowel Sounds for the Chakras

Chakra vowel sounds connect to the universal sounds of creation. These sounds can be chanted on a single tone or sung using a simple melody for easier repetition. The vowel sounds are the simplest possible chakra mantras. In order from the root chakra to the crown chakra are UH (root chakra), OO (sacral chakra), OH (solar plexus chakra), AH (heart chakra), EYE (throat chakra), AYE (third eye chakra) and EE (crown chakra). Take a deeper dive in the article Chakra Vowel Sounds.

Musical Notes and the Chakras

Singing on a particular musical note can also be a helpful practice for chakra mantras. A simple system is to assign sequential notes from the C Major scale to each of the chakras from the root to the crown: C (root), D (sacral), E (solar plexus), F (heart), G (throat chakra), A (third eye chakra) and B (crown chakra). However, the science of sound goes even deeper than this basic parallel construction. Learn about this science in Chakras and Musical Notes.

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This article on chakra mantras includes simple Vedic mantras using the Sanskrit seed syllables. Video examples of each mantra are given. Other topics include chakra vowels and sacred toning as well as mantras to the Hindu deities associated with each chakra.

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