Sacral Chakra Meaning

Sacral Chakra Meaning Infographic

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Sacral Chakra Meaning

The meaning of the sacral chakra is focused on relationships. This includes one’s relationship with oneself as well as others. The sacral chakra is known in Sanskrit as Svadhishthana, meaning literally “one’s own place.” Sometimes the sacral chakra is called the seat of the soul. Another sacral chakra meaning relates to housing the unconscious. 

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Sacral Chakra Symbol Meaning

Role of the Sacral Chakra
The sacral chakra is the realm of communication, exchange and finances. If this energy is used improperly, addiction to sex or gambling can result. As the center of reproductive ability, the sacral chakra is also the seat of artistic creation. The sacral chakra represents the spiritual potential that goes beyond the survival instincts of the root chakra. Learn more in Root Chakra Meaning.

Petals of the Sacral Chakra
The traditional symbol for the sacral chakra provides a visual diagram of the spiritual meaning and role of this chakra. Moving from the outer aspects of the sacral chakra symbol towards the center, the outer ring of the sacral chakra symbol consists of six lotus petals. These petals represent six modes of consciousness that must be mastered for the full flow of energy through this chakra. The six petals represent wrath, hatred, jealousy, cruelty, lust, and pride.

Circle and Moon Symbolism
Continuing towards the center, there are two circles offset to form a moon shape. The circles symbolize the cycles of life and death, the seasons and the realm of physical matter. In the upper area of the sacral chakra symbol, the crescent moon represents water energy and the emotions. For example, the unconscious mind, said to be connected to the sacral chakra, is sometimes symbolized as the ocean. Learn more about the meaning of of these ancient depictions in the article Chakra Symbols.

Central Sanskrit Character
The Sanskrit character in the center stands for VAM, the seed syllable for the sacral chakra. Seed syllables are single syllables that activate the energy of the respective chakras. Each of the seed syllables for the chakras can be used independently or combined in mantras. See the section called Sacral Chakra Sounds below or the article One Word Mantras for in-depth coverage of this topic.

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Sacral Chakra Sounds

The vowel sound associated with the sacral chakra is OO (pronounced EW). In the Eastern musical system known as sargam, the sound associated with the root chakra is RE (pronounced RAY). The musical instruments associated with the sacral chakra are the wind instruments such as the flute, clarinet, and bassoon. Krishna is a Hindu deity often depicting playing a flute. His sweet melodies are said to woo the soul back to God. 

Sacral Chakra Mantra
There is also a seed syllable associated with each chakra. This is a single syllable that connects to the chakra. This syllable can be chanted to strengthen the energy of the sacral chakra. The seed syllable for the sacral chakra is VAM (vuhm). A basic Vedic mantra for the root chakra using this syllable is “Om Vam Namaha.” This can be translated as, “I give honor to the energy of the sacral chakra.” Learn more about Chakra Sounds and Chakra Mantras.

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Essential Oils and Sacral Chakra Meaning

There are essential oils that can help to balance and heal the sacral chakra. These include Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, Jasmine, Patchouli. These oils may be of assistance in conceiving a child. They may also be helpful for healing your relationship with your deepest self or your closest relationships with others.

Patchouli Oil and the Sacral Chakra
Patchouli assists in developing feelings of belonging and stability. Patchouli comes from the mint family and bears small, pale pink and white flowers. This essential oil is sometimes seen as a mild aphrodisiac. It is an attractive oil with benefits for hair and skin.

Aroma of Patchouli
The beautiful scent of patchouli also makes it appropriate for use as a perfume. This is an oil of peace that helps to clear negative emotions and improve mood—both of which can smooth and enhance our relationships with others! 

Using Essential Oils
Essential oils can be used directly on the skin (usually diluted in a carrier oil such as almond, grapefruit seed or jojoba oil) or diffused into the air. Learn more on this website in Chakras and Essential Oils. Or buy high-quality essential oils with Kathleen Karlsen as your mentor (Sponsor and Enroller #1043288) at Young Living Essential Oils

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Healing Stones for the Sacral Chakra

There are specific chakra stones and symbolic meanings for each the seven chakras. Many of these stones and crystals appear in the Bible and other religious texts. Some believe that the molecular structure of stones and crystals can hold energy and information. Thus, they have been used in sacred rituals and valued for their medicinal properties. Stones for the sacral chakra include pearls, citrine, carnelian, moonstone, and peridot.

Metaphysical Properties of Pearls
Pearls are viewed as gems of nourishment and nurturing. Pearls have many metaphysical properties akin to crystals. In general, pearls assist in centering and calming the mind and emotions. They are often associated with feminine energy and worn almost exclusively by women. Pearls are also used as protective stones for children.

Healing Properties of Pearls
Pearl powder has been used to prevent age spots, fade blemishes, and reduce wrinkling and scarring. Pearls are rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, silica and amino acids. Pearl powder can be taken internally as a supplement. Read full article on Chakras and Healing Stones.

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Sacral Chakra Meaning and Hindu Deities

Chakra deities in Hinduism embody the characteristics of their respective chakras. This relates to the psychological and emotional patterns for that particular chakra. The sacral chakra is associated with the deity Vishnu, his consort Rakini and the goddess Parvati. There are others, but these are three of the main sacral chakra deities in the Hindu tradition. Learn more about Hindu deities for all of the chakras in Chakra Gods and Goddesses.

The Hindu Deity Vishnu
Vishnu is an incarnation of Krishna. In this incarnation, he is the consort of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Lakshmi is also associated with the solar plexus chakra. Vishnu is known as the preserver or the one who maintains the cosmos. He is one of the three persons of the Hindu trinity: Brahma (creator), Vishnu or Krishna (preserver) and Shiva (destroyer).

The Goddess Parvati
Parvati, also known as Uma, is the Hindu goddess of fertility, love and devotion. She is also known for inner strength and power. Parvati is the gentle and nurturing aspect of the goddess energy and the consort of Shiva. She is the mother of Ganesha and Kartikeya. (Learn more about Ganesha, the elephant-headed Hindu god.)

The Goddess Trinity
Parvati is part of a trinity of Hindu goddesses that also includes Lakshmi and Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and learning.  Parvati is the daughter of Himavan (the god and personification of the Himalayas) and Queen Mena. Parvati’s name is derived from the Sanskrit words for “mountain” and can be translated as “daughter of the mountains.”

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Physical Organs and the Sacral Chakra

The organs associated with the sacral chakra are the reproductive organs, lower back, large intestines, hips, the kidneys and the bladder. As the chakra associated with the reproductive organs, the sacral chakra is viewed as the seat of creation. This chakra is also seen as the dwelling place of the soul, sometimes called the seat of the soul.

Author’s Personal Experience: “My own greatest awareness of the sacral chakra was during my first two pregnancies. When I got married in my late twenties, I had a history of health problems that seemed to preclude having children. I went through multiple types of fertility treatments. They were painful, inconvenient, expensive and unfruitful. Yet I had wanted a large family from early childhood.

I was struggling with the heartache of thinking that the reality of a family might never come to pass. Still, my body was not responding well to the medical intervention. I stopped pursuing the various treatments after about three years. One morning a few months later, I was at work and suddenly felt such a tremendous joy, so distinct and remarkable that I called my husband to say, “I don’t know what just happened, but I feel incredibly happy!

Rosemarie and Kathleen Karlsen

I remembered that deep sense of joy about ten days later when I found out that I was indeed pregnant. Going forward, my five pregnancies and subsequent births helped me to maintain a positive connection with the sacral chakra as the seat of spiritual and physical creation.”

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Sacral Chakra Flowers

The sacral chakra is often associated with the color orange. In a purified state, the sacral chakra is a violet color. This is the chakra of relationships, creativity and reproduction. There are many flowers associated with romance and relationships! Sacral chakra flowers include the calla lily, crocuses, and orange blossoms. 

Calla Lily and Sacral Chakra Meaning
The calla lily was a sacred flower to the Minoans and also prized among the ancient Jews. In Christian iconography, the calla lily means purity, chastity and the ascension. The calla lily also has spiritual significance as a symbol of Jesus’ resurrection on Easter. As calla lilies have shifted into prominence, they have become a popular wedding flowers.

Crocus Meaning and the Sacral Chakra
The crocus is one of the earliest signs of spring and new life. The typical purple and gold colors also represent the purified state of the sacral chakra. Crocus can also be lilac, orange and white. Crocuses are simple flowers that grow close to the ground. Likewise, the sacral chakra is the chakra immediately above the root or base chakra.

Orange Blossoms and the Sacral Chakra
Orange blossom flowers mean innocence. They also mean eternal love. In Chinese traditions, orange blossoms are sacred flowers for marriage. Orange blossoms also mean fruitfulness. This connects them to the role of the sacral chakra itself as the seat of reproduction and creativity. 

Chakra Articles

Sacral Chakra Affirmations

Affirmations for the sacral chakra help to define and support healthy relationships. Use the affirmations that fit your situation for at least a few minutes a day until you are satisfied with the results. The following affirmations can be said aloud, sung or read daily to reinforce positive thoughts. 


  • I no longer accuse myself or others of evil. Forgiving, I am forgiven and healed. All ideas of judgment, revenge, punishment and evil are eliminated from my mind and body now.
  • I behold the love, mercy, and goodness of God at work in my mind, body, affairs and relationships with all mankind.
  • I let all people be happy. I let all people be free. I let all people be prosperous. In so doing, my own happiness, prosperity and freedom are assured. All the good my heart desires is coming to me now!
  • From this time forward, I put all doubts, criticism and quibbling aside. I am at peace because I trust divine justice to regulate all of my affairs now.


  • The divine substance of God now erases all fatigue from my body, renews tissues, and replenishes energy.
  • Divine substance stabilizes my mind and prospers my affairs.
  • Every longing of my soul and every need of my life is now fulfilled.
  • I am satisfied with divine substance.


  • I am the resurrection and the life of every cell and organ in my body now!
  • I call on the power of life within me to create the absolute determination to fulfill every purpose and divine plan in my life.
  • I am filled and thrilled with vitality and life!
  • I am thrilled to be alive!
  • Life shines radiantly in every aspect of my body, mind and soul.
  • The universe is bringing my highest good at every moment.
  • Life charges my body with radiant health, energy and strength.
  • My emotions flow as a clear stream of blessing in my world.
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The sacral chakra is the energetic place for your connection to your own soul and your relationship with others. The physical organs associated with the sacral chakra are the reproductive organs. This article includes the sacral chakra symbol, healing stones, essential oils and Hindu deities that are associated with sacral chakra meaning.

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