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Ma Kali: Goddess of Time & Death

Kali is often depicted standing over her consort Shiva. Shiva is the Hindu god of destruction. This depicts an episode in which Kali herself was on a spree of destruction. She was about to destroy the entire universe. Shiva threw himself under her feet to calm her down. Kali is usually shown with one foot on his chest and another near or on his leg.

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Description of Kali

Although fearsome, Kali is the most loving of all mothers because she liberates her children by removing all illusions. Those who do not fear liberation see her as overflowing with love for all of her children. Kali is often depicted with dark blue or black skin.

Names of Kali

Kali goes by many names including Mahakali (the Great Mother), Dipta (the One who is illuminated or brilliant), and Uma (lady of the mountains). Kali and Durga are sometimes seen as interchangeable. However, Kali is believed to love battle while Durga slays demons only when absolutely necessary, remaining placid and peaceful at all times.

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Lyrics and Meaning of Kali's Mantra

The words to this Kali Mantra are “Om Hrim Hum Hrim Kali Shakti Namaha.” Most of this mantra is composed of powerful single syllables known as bija or seed syllables. Brief definitions for the words in this mantra are given below. More extensive explanations of the bija syllables are given in One Word Mantras: Powerful Bija Seed Syllables.

Power of Kali’s Mantras
Kali’s mantras are not for the faint of heart. Use of her mantras can bring rapid change, which may be uncomfortable, unexpected or drastic. This can be difficult short-term but may bring about blessings in the long-term.

Word-by-Word Meaning

OM: OM is the sound of the universe, the sound from which all other sounds are formed. OM represents past, present and future. OM is a seed or building block of creation. OM is often included at the beginning of a mantra or chant to clear the mind for meditation. OM is said to draw the energy from the bottom of the spine to the top of the head. The energy of OM is one of expansion and ascension.

KRIM: KRIM (kreem) is a mantra of divine manifestation, specifically the divine electricity that exists behind all things. The Sanskrit letter “k” or ka is an initial thrust of energy or prana. The letter “r” or ra adds fire and the “i” (ee) adds focus. KRIM is the power of action that operates on all levels.

HUM: HUM (huhm) is a fire mantra that can help to kindle the consciousness. This is an etheric fire connected to lightning, pranic fire, and the breath. This lightning can also be used for protection. HUM is sometimes referred to as the “seed syllable of wrath” or righteous anger.

HRIM: HRIM (hreem) is a mantra for the heart: the spiritual heart, the emotional heart and the physical heart. HRIM is a combination of “ha” for prana and “ra” for fire and light with “ee” for focus and motivation. The sound HRIM may help us to connect with the deity of our choice at the level of the heart. In Vedic astrology, HRIM relates to the sun, which is the planet of the heart. 

SHAKTI: The divine feminine manifest throughout creation. This is a name given to any and all goddesses. Shakti is the unformed energy that coalesces in the physical when contained by the masculine energy.

NAMAHA: I give honor or I bow.

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Kali Mantra Article Summary

Kali is a Hindu deity symbolizing mastery over time and death. Kali battles the forces of evil on behalf of her children. This article includes a powerful Kali mantra and a word by word explanation of the mantra meaning.

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