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Vocal Medicine (2019)

The Vocal Medicine album tracks were recorded and produced in the fall of 2019. They were released during an all-day event on winter solstice. Contributing artists include Kathleen Karlsen, Andrew Karlsen, Mahima Giri and Paul Bohak. The title “Vocal Medicine” is a reference to the benefits of devotional mantras and chanting on all levels. Mantras can be used as a a solitary spiritual practice or in group singing (kirtan). Learn more about using mantras and singing to invigorate your life in Kathleen’s companion book Vocal Medicine: Transformation through Sound.

Vocal medicine Album with Kathleen Karlsen

Sita Ram Mantra

Sita Ram refers to the Hindu goddess, Sita, and her consort, Ram, or Rama.  Music by Kathleen Karlsen. Learn more about the Sita Ram Mantra and listen to the album track!

Padmadevi Chant

This is a chant to Pandaravasini, one of the five female Buddhas associated with the Dhyani Buddhas. Music by Kathleen Karlsen. Learn more and listen to the Padmadevi Chant.

Lalita Shanti Om

The name Lalita means “she who plays.” Lalita is a consort of Shiva, signified by the garland she places around his neck. Music by Kathleen Karlsen. Listen to Lalita Shanti Om

Om Tare Tuttare

This is called the Green Tara Mantra, a traditional Buddhist mantra. Tara is variously interpreted as Shining Star, Liberator, Rescuer or Savior. Tara is a Bodhisattva of compassion who manifests in female form. In the Tibetan pantheon of deities, Tara is the consort of the Dhyani Buddha Amogasiddhi. Music by Kathleen Karlsen. Listen to the Om Tare Tuttare mantra.

Devakinanadana Gopala

Gopala is one of the childhood names of Krishna, the son of Devaki. Govinda is also one of Krishna’s childhood names. There was a prophecy before Krishna’s birth that he would overthrow Kansa, an evil tyrant king. Krishna was sent to live in the country for his own protection. Learn more about Krishna and listen to Devakinanadana Gopala.

Parvati Parashakti

Parvati is the Hindu goddess of love and devotion as well as divine strength and power. She is the gentle and nurturing aspect of the Hindu goddess Shakti. Parvati is the consort of Shiva. “Parvati Parashakti” is a chant calling to the divine feminine in all of us. Music by Kathleen Karlsen. Listen to Parvati Parashakti.

Lokah Samastah

This mantra is a beautiful prayer meaning “May all beings be happy and free. May my life contribute in some way to the happiness and freedom of all”. The Sanskrit words are “Lokah Samastah Sukino Bhavantu.” The melody for chant was written for an event devoted to preserving peace. Music by Kathleen Karlsen. Listen to Lokah Samastah.

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"I put on your CD every night while I do my yoga. I love ending with Lokah Samastah. It is wonderful!" P.D.H., Boise, ID

Loved the chant CD! Just listened to it while doing my dishes and really got into dancing and singing with it! Thank you! I can’t wait to buy CDs for friends for Christmas.

"The last few days my baby Callie has been very cranky with teething. After an hour of non-stop crying, I turned on your CD and she literally started bouncing up and down! Your CD makes Callie happy! I enjoy the cheerful spirit of your mantras too!"

Love to listen, even if only for a minute! Fills my house with upbeat tunes!

Seven tracks to play wherever you go…. Includes original music featuring voice, harmonium, drums, recorder, bass, guitar and kartals. Many thanks to Andrew Karlsen, Paul Bohak, Mahima Giri, Jake Fleming, Beth Ann Kennedy and others for their contributions. Search for Kathleen Karlsen or Vocal Medicine on Spotify.

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May I Sing of Thee (2023)

The devotional songs on this album are original music and lyrics by Kathleen Karlsen honoring the Judeo-Christian tradition. This Kathleen’s second album. Her first album (see below) emphasized the Eastern tradition and the practice of kirtan or group sacred singing. This second album includes non-denominational music including expressions of devotion, mercy, compassion, blessing, and other universal values. Individual songs have themes sacred breath, angels, divine light, living water, and the Holy Sprit. Work on this album began in 2023 and will continue into 2024. 

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