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Mantra and Kirtan Events

Join us to experience mantras as powerful tools for self-transformation. No prior experience required. Lyrics and instruction provided as needed. All are welcome. Pronunciations and explanations are given as needed. All are welcome! Click below for details and schedules.

What to Expect at Events

Mantra and kirtan events consist of one to two hours of mantras focused on a particular topic such as healing or peace. You do not have to be a singer or musician to participate.  In fact, you are welcome to meditate silently if you prefer. 

Workshops are an opportunity for a deeper dive into a topic such as the building blocks of mantras or mantras and sacred geometry. It’s a great chance to ask questions and dialogue with a small group. Retreats are more extended events with a broader focus. Learn more about the science of mantras in Mantra Yoga: Sacred Formulas. 

Kirtan events feature devotional singing in a group, sometimes in a call and response format. Although singing is part of every spiritual tradition, this particular form originated in India. Kirtan is now gaining popularity in the Western world.

The word “kirtan” (pronounced KEER-tun or KEER-tahn) comes from Sanskrit. Kirtan specifically refers to the practice of singing the names of God in mantras, chants and bhajans. Learn more about kirtan in Everything About KirtanContact Kathleen Karlsen with questions or for more information.

Listen to Mantras on YouTube

Dozens of music videos, quick talks and a free workshop on YouTube. Include mantras, brain health, chanting in nature, the inner power of Sanskrit, and personal stories. All tracks from the Vocal Medicine album and more published as meditative videos.

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