Marigold Meaning in Romance, Astrology and Religion

Marigold Flower Meaning

Marigold meaning includes passion, creativity and happiness. Marigolds are known as the “Herb of the Sun.” The Welsh believed that if marigolds were not open early in the morning, then a storm was on the way. Learn about other flowers meaning happiness.

Marigold meaning further extends into the realm of romance. Marigolds have been used as love charms and incorporated into wedding garlands.

The marigold is a hardy plant with yellow, orange or rusty red blooms. The blossoms can be used to make a yellow dye for fabric. Learn more about Flower Color Meaning.

Marigold Meaning in the Spirit Realm

Marigold meaning also connects to the unseen realm of the spirit. In some cultures, marigold flowers have been added to pillows to encourage prophetic or psychic dreams. Water made from marigolds is thought to induce psychic visions of fairies if rubbed on the eyelids.

Other marigold meanings include cruelty and jealously. On the other hand, marigolds are thought to be effective in stopping gossip. Marigolds are viewed as an anti-dote for the sharp-tongued. In this way, marigold meaning includes the promotion of cheery conversations.

Marigold Meaning in Astrology

Marigold meaning is connected to astrology. The marigold is also associated with the lion and the astrological sign Leo.

This connection is likely due to the sun-like appearance of the marigold. Those with a Leo sun sign are said to be generous, big-hearted and sunny in nature.

Marigold Meaning Garden

Marigold Photo Credit Kathleen Karlsen

Marigold Meaning and Symbolism

Marigold Meaning in Religion

In the religious realm, early Christians named the flower “Mary’s Gold.” This marigold meaning was quite literal: marigold blossoms were offered in place of money at the foot of statues of the Virgin Mary.

The Portuguese introduced marigolds and marigold meaning into India. The flower was offered to the Hindu gods Vishnu and Lakshmi. Vishnu and Lakshmi are associated with wealth and abundance in the Hindu tradition.

The marigold was also considered to have sacred meanings among the Aztec Indians, who decorated their temples with the flower.

Marigold Flowers for Healing

The marigold was once thought to protect against the plague. Marigolds are part of the calendula family, known for healing properties. The leaves of marigolds have been used to remove warts. 

Eating Marigold Flowers

Chickens eating marigold-enriched feed produce eggs with a deep yellow color. The flesh of chickens who have been fed marigolds also take on a rich color to make them more appealing for human consumption. Marigold flowers are quite edible for humans, too, and are often used in egg and cheese dishes.

Marigold Meaning in Astrology

Marigold Facts

Marigold flowers can be found in Europe, Africa and the Americas. Marigolds can adapt to a wide range of conditions, but prefer full sun and rich soils. Marigolds are also grown and harvested in Mexico to be added to chicken feed.

Gardening with Marigolds

Marigolds have what many people consider to be a disagreeable odor. Some varieties have been bred to be odor-free, but this negates their use as a plant that wards off insects in gardens. Marigolds are grown from seeds and range in height from 6 to 36 inches. The blossoms can be from 1/2 inch to 5 inches across.

Meadow of Gold Painting of Marigolds by Kathleen Karlsen

Meadow of Gold Painting by Kathleen Karlsen
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I Dream of Flowers: Marigolds and Daisiesn Karlsen

I Dream of Flowers Painting by Kathleen Karlsen
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Kathleen Karlsen Book Author

Kathleen Karlsen

Author of Flower Symbols and Vocal Medicine

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