Camellia Meaning from Unique Botany

Camellia Flower Meaning

Camellia meaning is based in both its unique botany and the traditions of China. The symmetrical beauty and long-lasting qualities of the camellia have long been appreciated by young lovers as a token for expressing devotion to each other.

Camellia Meaning from Botany

In the eyes of the Chinese, the petals reflect the spirit of a lady, and the holder of the petals (the calyx) represents the young man entrusted by the lady as her protector.

Camellia Meaning as Everlasting Love

The calyx of the camellia falls with the petals when the flower has finished blooming. This is unlike most other flowers, where the calyx seems to hang around the tree even after the petals have dropped. This phenomena made the camellia flower meaning a symbol of everlasting union between lovers. 

Camellia Meaning in China

In many parts of China, the camellia is the favored flower for young sons and daughters. The camellia is the most popular and highly respected flower in Southwest China. It was honored as the national flower for the ancient southern kingdom, Dai Li. In a land marked by steep hills and roaring rapids, the camellia transforms the hills and valleys into oceans of red and white in early spring.

Caring for Camellias

Camellias are large plants that do not need direct light. These hard, wooded plants are often grown in pots. Plants should be repotted after the dormant season before they begin to grow again. Camellias can be repotted as often as needed and should be watered abundantly as they start to grow.

Camellias should also have an occasional showering or washing to remove dust from their leaves. Liquid manure is one of the best fertilizers to use for camellias, though it should only be applied when they are dormant or growing but not during the blossoming season. Otherwise the buds may be over stimulated and will be turned into leaves instead of flowers.

Camellia Flower Meaning

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Best Growing Conditions for Camellias

During the winter, camellias can handle a considerable amount of cold, even below freezing temperatures, for very short time periods. Once the plant has begun to grow and then to blossom, it needs a great deal of heat. Camellias generally blossom very fully, then rest a few days or even a week. Once the flower buds have formed, the amount of water and heat can be diminished.

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