Mantras and Songs for Transformation

Learn to use the mantras and songs to create a happy heart, a clear mind and a rejuvenated body. Go deeper into the science of chanting, mantras and the power of sacred music. Find tools and resources for transformation through sound.

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All tracks from the Vocal Medicine album available for listening, chanting and meditation. Contributing artists include Kathleen Karlsen, Andrew Karlsen, Mahima Giri and Paul Bohak.

The title “Vocal Medicine” is a reference to the benefits of devotional mantras and chanting on all levels. This can be a solitary spiritual practice or the practice of kirtan (group singing).

Mantras and chanting change the chemistry of the brain and support ongoing wellness at the energetic, spiritual, physical, mental and emotional levels. Listen to the Vocal Medicine album tracks.

Kathleen Karlsen Mantras and Songs

Mantras and Songs Playlists

New Music Each Week

New music released each week:

  • Mantras in the Buddhist and Hindu traditions set to original music
  • Devotional songs in a Western style
  • Mantras for specific purposes such as healing, illumination and peace


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Devotional Songs from Other Musicians