Free Mantra Course with Kathleen Karlsen

Free mantra course includes over 90 minutes of videos in 10 segments featuring full-color illustrations, artwork and mantra lyrics. Click here for  Mantra Course Handout. Course trailer below (2 mins 32 secs).

An introduction to mantras and the concept of seed syllables. Discussion of the Sanskrit sound “Hrim” (hreem) associated with the fire of the heart.

The seed syllable “hrim” is a combination of “ha” for prana, space and light with “ra” for fire, light and dharma and “im” (pronounced “eem”) for energy, focus and motivation. Includes the chant “Hrim Mantra for the Heart.”

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Explanation and chants with the Sanskrit seed syllable “shrim” associated with wealth and the goddess Lakshmi. Meaning of the chant: “Goddess Lakshmi reside in me and bestow thy abundance on all aspects of my existence. I make a humble offering at your feet.“

Clears the space of unwanted energy, to create abundance. Useful for opening the heart to possibilities and experiences.

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Explanation and chants with the Sanskrit seed syllable AIM. AIM is the feminine counterpart of the bija mantra OM.

AIM is the seed mantra of Saraswati, goddess of knowledge, wisdom, music, art and speech. Saraswati has many names and many aspects. Her name means Mother of Lakes and Water.

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Part 4: Mantra for Spiritual Protection

Length 10 mins, 57 secs    Click here for FREE Mantra Course Handout.

Explanation and chants with the Sanskrit seed syllables KRIM and HUM. Krim is associated with the Eastern goddess Kali, a powerful protector and master of time and death.

Hum is a fire mantra that can help to kindle the consciousness. This is an etheric fire connected to lightning, prana, and the breath. This lightening can also be used for protection.

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Explanation and chants with the Sanskrit seed syllable “dum.” This is the seed syllable of Durga, a goddess whose name means a safe place or fort.

DUM eliminates sorrow, obstacles and barriers. In the Vedic system, “dum” is an earthly fire that can aid digestion.

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Explanation and chants with the Sanskrit seed syllable KLIM. This seed syllable is the magnetic power of attraction and the power to hold things in a fixed place. The syllable is often associated with Kali.

Kali is the Hindu goddess of death and time. She is a fierce goddess usually depicted with multiple arms and weapons. Her skirt is made of severed arms and she holds a head in one hand. Learn more about her true nature in this video.

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Part 7: Astrological Mantras

Length 19 mins, 51 secs  Click here for FREE Mantra Course Handout.

Astrological mantras function like adaptogens: if your astrology for a planet is challenging, they ameliorate the effects. If the astrology is good, they make it even better!

Introduction to the seed syllables and mantras associated with Vedic astrology.

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Part 8: Chakra Seed Syllables

Length 6 mins, 40 secs  Click here for FREE Mantra Course Handout.

Each chakra is associated with a Sanskrit seed syllable to balance the energetic body through chakra alignment.

This section of the workshop covers the seven seed syllables and includes a chant for all seven of the major chakras.

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Part 9: Mantras for the Heart
Length 4 mins, 13 secs  Click here for FREE Mantra Course Handout.

This segment includes three Vedic mantras to bring the energies of spirit and nature into the heart for balance and healing. These Sanskrit seed syllables connect to the five elements as well as fundamental energies of nature.

The heart is a central repository for spiritual fire in both Eastern and Western traditions.

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Part 10: Mantra for Peace
Length 6 mins, 29 secs     Click here for FREE Mantra Course Handout.

Workshop conclusion and introduction to the Lokah Samastah mantra. This is a beautiful mantra meaning, “May all beings be happy and free! May my life contribute to the happiness and freedom of all.”

This traditional mantra is set to original music by Kathleen Karlsen.

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Vocal Medicine Book

Learn more about using mantras and singing to invigorate your life! Explore concepts from East and West related to the power of singing. Explore the chakras and the impact of sound in every area of your life.

Kathleen Karlsen Sacred Mantras & Symbolic Art

Author Kathleen Karlsen

Vocal Medicine reveals Kathleen Karlsen’s personal journey with mantras, chanting and kirtan. Benefit from Kathleen’s years of research into the power of sacred music. Topics include:

  • Achieve improved emotional health through mantras
  • Create a happy brain through singing
  • Extensive discussion of sound and the chakras
  • Connections between sound, color and healing

186 pages, $15.95
30 Illustrations

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