Marigold Meaning

Marigold Flower Meaning

Marigold Meaning

Symbols of Romance, Spirituality, Creativity & Prosperity

Marigold meaning includes passion, creativity and happiness. Other marigold meanings include cruelty and jealously. On the other hand, marigolds are thought to be effective in stopping gossip. Marigolds are viewed as an anti-dote for the sharp-tongued. In this way, marigold meaning includes the promotion of cheery conversations.

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Ancient Roots of Marigolds
Marigolds are a versatile flower with deep roots in religious practice in ancient religions such as Aztecs and in Christianity and Hinduism. Marigolds are known as the “Herb of the Sun.” The Welsh believed that if marigolds were not open early in the morning, then a storm was on the way. 

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Marigold Meaning in Romance & Dreams

Marigold meaning further extends into the realm of romance. Marigolds have been used as love charms and incorporated into wedding garlands. Marigold garlands are sewn together with a thread and needle through the blossoms and stems. Jasmine and orchids are other flowers used to make garlands.

Marigolds Induce Dreams and Psychic Powers
Marigold symbolism also connects to unseen realms. In some cultures, marigold flowers have been added to pillows to encourage prophetic or psychic dreams. Water made from marigolds is thought to induce psychic visions of fairies if rubbed on the eyelids.

Marigold Meaning in Astrology

Marigold Meaning in Mexico

The earliest recorded use of marigolds was by Aztecs, who attributed magical, spiritual and medicinal properties to marigolds. The first recorded use of the plant as a medicine is in an Aztec Herbal from 1552. Remedies included treating hiccups, aid for those struck by lightning, and benefits “for one who wishes to cross a river or water safely.”

Aztecs and Marigolds
The Aztec Indians decorated their temples with marigold flowers. They also bred marigolds to increase the size of the flowers. Marigolds still hold significance in Mexico and Latin America. During All Saints Day and All Souls Day, marigolds are used to decorate household altars. 

Flower of the Dead
Marigolds are believed to help guide souls to their final resting place. As the Flower of the Dead, they symbolize the beauty and transient nature of life. Another spiritual meaning of marigolds is mourning and remembrance. Marigolds are often used in ceremonies honoring the dead and placed on the graves of relatives.

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Marigold Meaning in Europe

When early Spanish explorers went to Mexico, they brought marigold seeds back with them to Spain. Marigolds were widely cultivated in Spain. Marigolds were commonly seen in monastery gardens. From Spain, marigold flowers were transported to France and North Africa. Marigolds flourished in these areas and now grow in the wild. 

Marigolds in Catholicism
These humble and beautiful flowers became favorites to be placed on the altar of the Virgin Mary. They were offered in lieu of gold for those too poor to contribute money to the monasteries. Eventually they became known as Mary’s Gold. Hence the name “marigold.”

Marigold Meaning in India

Marigold Meaning in India

The Portuguese introduced marigolds into India about 350 years ago. Marigolds have become central to religious practices in India. The marigold flower is offered to the Hindu gods Vishnu and Lakshmi.

Marigolds and Hindu Gods & Goddesses
Vishnu and Lakshmi are both associated with wealth and abundance in the Hindu tradition. They are connected to the solar plexus chakra. This chakra is represented by a sun-like symbol.

Marigolds in Weddings
Colorful marigold flowers are commonly braided into garlands for modern Indian weddings. Marigolds decorate temples for many religious ceremonies. No other flower is as popular in India as the symbolic marigold!

Marigold Meaning by Color

The marigold is a hardy plant with yellow, orange or rusty red blooms. These vibrant colors are often linked to the strength and power of the sun. The marigold is also associated with the lion and the astrological sign Leo.

Marigolds and Astrology
This connection to astrology is likely due to the sun-like appearance of the marigold. Those with a Leo sun sign are said to be generous, big-hearted and sunny in nature. They symbolize positive emotions, energy, and life. The blossoms can be used to make a yellow dye for fabric. 

Yellow Marigold Meaning: Sunshine yellow flowers symbolize the clearing away of the winter and stimulate clear thinking. The color meanings of yellow are enthusiasm, cheerfulness, sense of humor, fun, optimism and intellectuality.

Red Marigold Meaning: Red flowers are stimulating and eye-catching. The intensity of red flowers creates movement and drama. Accordingly, bright red flowers symbolize cheerfulness and happiness. The color psychology for red flowers includes pleasure, desire and vitality. In addition, red represents the will to win, love of sports and the survival instinct. Many red flowers also come in yellow and orange.

Orange Marigold Meaning: Orange flowers raise the spirits and reflect the joy of sunshine. Cheerful orange flowers symbolize warmth, fire, energy and vitality. The flower color meanings for orange are creativity, confidence, intuition, friendliness and the entrepreneurial spirit. 

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Marigold Meaning & Gifts

Marigolds are the perfect flower for indoor spaces that need a bright, cheerful ambience. Prints or posters of marigolds work well in kitchens, dining rooms, offices and guest rooms.

Marigolds as Friendship Gifts
A gift of marigolds is a reminder of bright times ahead. Marigolds can be used to celebrate any time of transition such as a graduation or retirement. Yellow flowers are also typical for friendship gifts. Yellow flowers are a confirmation of a happy relationship and positive feelings.

Marigolds in the Kitchen
Yellow is often used in kitchens. This is particularly true for kitchens that don’t have a lot of natural light. Yellow is a luminous shade that is cozier than stark white. Marigolds are the birth month flower for October, reflecting the colors usually associated with autumn. 

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Medicinal Uses of Marigold Flowers

Marigolds are part of the calendula or Asteraceae family, known for healing properties. The marigold was once thought to protect against the plague. The leaves of marigolds have been used to remove warts. Marigold tea has a mildly sedative effect.

Properties of Marigolds
Marigolds have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Extracts from marigolds can be applied topically to soothe the skin. Thus, marigolds have been used to treat rashes, burns, and wounds. A variety of marigold-based skincare products are available. 

Practical Uses of Marigolds

Chickens eating marigold-enriched feed produce eggs with a deep yellow color. The flesh of chickens who have been fed marigolds also take on a rich color to make them more appealing for human consumption.

Marigolds as Poultry Feed
Commercial poultry feed is low in xanthines, the yellow pigment that colors egg yolks and the skin of the chickens. There are high pigment varieties of marigolds used for this purpose. Two popular ones are Scarletade and Orangeade.

Marigolds as Edible Flowers
Marigold flowers are quite edible for humans, too, and are often used in egg and cheese dishes. Essential oils can be extracted from marigolds. Marigolds can also be used a food coloring. The bright yellow petals are an affordable substitute for saffron in Indian dishes. Marigolds can also color butter and yellow cakes!

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Marigold Flowers in Gardens

Marigolds are among the easiest flowers to grow from seeds. They range in height from 6 to 36 inches. The gorgeous golden and red blossoms can be from 1/2 inch to 5 inches across. The pungent odor of marigolds makes them ideal for pest control in vegetable gardens. They discourage pest activity both above and below the soil, including insects and rabbits.

Marigolds to Ward Off Garden Pests
This distinctive odor of marigolds is disagreeable to many people. Some varieties have been bred to be odor-free, but this negates their use as a plant that wards off insects in gardens. Marigolds can adapt to a wide range of conditions, but prefer full sun and rich soils. 

Marigold Flowers of the Sun
True marigolds can be confused with pot marigolds, also known as English marigolds, which are simply alternate names for calendula flowers. Either flower lends a bright note of color to any garden. Bring marigold meanings of happiness and creativity into your garden. Marigolds are literally a reflection of the sun and a reminder of abundance!

Flower Symbolism Shorts

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This article is focused on marigold meaning in cultures around the world including, Mexico, Europe and India. Marigolds have specific meanings in cultural and religious contexts. This bright, beautiful flower is an historical favorite with many practical and medicinal uses. Learn fascinating facts about marigold meaning!

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