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Nature Symbols in Art & Interior Design

Discover nature symbols in art, mythology and spirituality. Nature symbols are among mankind’s oldest representations of the energies of the universe. Nature reflects and outpictures many universal patterns. Find comfort and meaning in the rich history of nature symbols. 

Ocean Paintings & Symbols

Ocean paintings symbolize the source of life and  abundance that dwells in the ocean. The ocean is constantly changing, symbolizing limitless possibilities. More about ocean symbolism.

Symbolism of Trees

The deep-rooted symbolism of trees is apparent in common metaphors such as the Tree of Life and our ancestral heritage depicted in family trees. Learn more about the symbolic qualities of trees.

Sun & Moon Art

The impact of sun and moon art is universal: these are the most prominent symbols in our worlds. Each have their own mythology and unique creation stories. 

Nature Art & Five Elements

Nature art combines well with feng shui and the system of the 5 elements of nature. Natural element systems describe the relationship between different energies around us. 

Galaxy Art: Creating Space

The psychological breadth of galaxy art is a major shift from the historical emphasis on easel painting and elaborate framing. Learn to use galaxy art to create inspiring spaces. 

Earthworks: Spiral Jetty

Modern Earthworks artists pursued direct modification of the landscape itself. This approach was both traditional and progressive. These artists emulated the esthetics of prehistoric monuments.