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Nature Symbols

Discover nature symbols in art, mythology and spirituality. Nature symbols are among mankind’s oldest representations of the energies of the universe. Nature reflects and outpictures many universal patterns including what has come to be known as sacred geometry.

Find comfort and meaning in the rich history of nature symbols. Many of these symbolism resources are taken from Kathleen Karlsen’s books, extensive published articles, lectures and workshops. Unlock the mysteries of the universe through symbols!

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Ocean Paintings & Symbols

Ocean paintings symbolize the source of life and  abundance that dwells in the ocean. The ocean is constantly changing, symbolizing limitless possibilities. More about ocean symbolism.

Agni Deva: Fire Symbolism

Symbolic and physical fire have been associated with religious traditions around the world for ages. Agni Deva is the Hindu God of Fire. Learn more about Agni Deva and his mantra.

Symbols of Spring: Ostara

Ostara symbols include rabbits and colored eggs. Learn the fascinating story behind the goddess of spring, origin of Easter, known by Astara, Ostara or Eostara. Video of Astara invocation. 

Chakra Stones and Meanings

There are specific stones and crystals for each of the seven chakras. Working with these stones can help to bring balance and spiritual protection. Learn about the meanings of these stones.

Flower Symbolism

Learn about flower color meaning, the mythology of individual flowers, flowers in design and the Victorian language of flowers. Includes over 20 articles on the world’s most beloved flowers.

Origin of Sacred Geometry

From the simplest atoms to the largest galaxies, geometry determines the structure and function of the universe. This is perhaps most evident in the philosophy of the Greeks. More on geometry.

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