Lalita Mantra

Lalita Mantra: Hindu Goddess

Lalita is a Hindu deity whose name means “she who plays.” The goddess Lalita is famously independent, announcing to all, “Whatever I say or do is according to my will alone. Whichever man accepts me as his with must also accept my complete independence.” Lalita is the consort of Shiva, signified by the garland she places around his neck. Lalita’s beauty is noted in the term “sundari” meaning beautiful.

Lalita Goddess KLIM One Word Mantra

Lalita is portrayed as a young woman holding five arrows, a bow, a noose, and a goad. The arrows are our five senses and the bow is our mind. When we find ourselves pausing on the spiritual path, Lalita gently prods us along with her goad.

If we resist her, she lassos us with her noose and drags us back to her lap. Lalita is one of the many forms of the Divine Mother. She is a pink goddess, expressing love and motherly concern to all. Lalita loves even her most wayfaring children.  

Lalita Mantra Meaning

The meaning of the individual words for this mantra are outlined below. “Ma amba” means “mother of the universe” and “shanti” means “peace.” This chant can be translated as “Peace, peace. Victory to Lalita, the beautiful goddess, Mother of the universe who brings peace.” 

OM: OM is the sound of the universe, the sound from which all other sounds are formed. OM represents past, present and future. OM is a seed or building block of creation. OM is often included at the beginning of a mantra or chant to clear the mind for meditation. 


JAYA: victory

DEVI: God in a divine feminine form, a goddess

SUNDARI: beautiful

MA AMBA: Mother of the Universe

A Story About Lalita

The story of Lalita unfolds in the Brahmanda Purana, a thousand year old text in India. The demon Bhanda had extraordinary power. When he fought his enemies, holf of his opponent’s power would be transferred directly to him. The sage Narada warned that only worship of lalita could save the other gods from Bhanda’s power. In the end, Lalita defeats Bhanda. Moral of the story: the divine feminine gives every victory.

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