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Artwork, Psychology and Sacred Symbols

Explore the meaning and beauty of sacred artwork depicting nature, flowers, galaxies, sacred symbols, deities and more. Discover the science behind visual forms and the significance of architectural and interior spaces. Find art that supports your optimal health and spiritual path.


Yantras are geometric forms similar to mandalas that have been in use for thousands of years. Learn how to use yantras for meditation and mantra practice.

Chakra Art

Chakra art serves as depictions of the the unseen forces that govern the energy and strength of the seven major chakras. Chakra art is a reminder of the power of the body and spirit.

Deity Art in Hinduism

Deity art depicts the personification of God in many world religions. The ones included here are focused on Hinduism. Forms of the deity are so varied as to be nearly overwhelming.

Galaxy Art: Creating Space

The psychological breadth of galaxy art is a major shift from the historical emphasis on easel painting and elaborate framing. Learn to use galaxy art to create inspiring spaces. 

Yoga Symbols

Yoga symbols include Sanskrit characters, yantras, chakra symbols and more. Use these images as visualizations to tap into the energy of ancient symbols with powerful meanings.

Art Psychology

Art psychology includes the role of architectural structures as well as indoor environments. Learn more about forms, colors, lighting and the power of images and manmade environments.