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Sacred Geometry & Yantras

Explore sacred symbols including yantras, chakra symbols, gods and goddesses, religious symbols, buddhas, angels and more. Many of these symbolism resources are taken from Kathleen Karlsen’s books, extensive published articles, lectures and workshops. Take a deeper dive into the meaning of symbols in the cultural and spiritual heritage of the world.

Yantra Meaning

Yantras are geometric forms similar to mandalas that have been in use for thousands of years. Learn how to use yantras for meditation and mantra practice.

Sri Yantra Meaning Revealed

Sri Yantra meaning is based on an ancient symbol depicting patterns of energy and a path to spiritual acceleration and power. Learn every aspect of Sri Yantra geometry and meaning.

Origin of Sacred Geometry

From the simplest atoms to the largest galaxies, geometry determines the structure and function of the universe. This is perhaps most evident in the philosophy of the Greeks. More on geometry.

Sacred Geometry in Art

Every aspect of sacred geometry is purposeful and meaningful. Circles, triangles, squares and other forms carry a specific energy. Learn about sacred geometry symbols in art.

Yoga Symbols

Yoga symbols include Sanskrit characters, yantras, chakra symbols and more. Use these images as visualizations to tap into the energy of ancient symbols with powerful meanings.

Hanuman Yantra

The Hanuman yantra is a good choice for focusing on supporting your immune system, increasing your productivity and helping with effective communication skills.

Gayatri Yantra

The Gayatri yantra symbol is a visual counterpart for a family of mantras known as the Gayatris. Learn how to use the Gayatri yantra for meditation and visulaization.

Sacred Symbols in World Religions

Deity Meaning

Nearly every spiritual tradition has personified God in one form or another. This article includes gods and goddesses, nature spirits, angels, heavenly beings and buddhas. 

Ancient Deities

Many ancient deities are based on the patterns and power of nature: spring, solstice, harvest, the sun, the moon, storms, fire and so forth. Learn more about ancient deities.

Hindu Deities

For thousands of years the rishis of India (Hindu sages) experimented with the effects of chanting. Mantras are generally focused on the names of the gods and goddesses in the Hindu pantheon of deities.

Buddhist Deities

Buddhist deities include Buddhas, female Buddhas and bodhisattvas. The masculine Buddhas are more well-known than their feminine counterparts. Learn more about Buddhist deities.

Deity Art: History & Meaning

Deity art depicts the personification of God in many world religions. The ones included here are focused on Hinduism. Forms of the deity are so varied as to be nearly overwhelming.

Specific Deities & Their Sacred Symbols

Ganesha Symbolism

Depictions of Ganesha have multiple symbolic meanings. Every aspect of images and statues have spiritual significance. Learn more about the many objects associated with Ganesha.

Symbols of Spring: Ostara

Ostara symbols include rabbits and colored eggs. Learn the fascinating story behind the goddess of spring, origin of Easter, known by Astara, Ostara or Eostara. Video of Astara invocation. 

Durga the Warrior Goddess

Durga is a form of the Goddess or Divine Mother in Hinduism. She is also known as Devi and Shakti. Durga is a warrior goddess defending the soul of the spiritual aspirant. More about Durga.

Archangels of the Seven Rays

The archangels of the seven rays are hierarchs for innumerable angels serving under them. Angels are messengers, protectors, healers and comforters.