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Mataji Mantra and Babaji the Immortal Avatar

Mataji and Babaji area pair of immortal avatars in the Hindu tradition. Mataji is an Eastern adept in feminine form. She is an expression of the Divine Mother (Mata). In the tradition of paired deities, the male aspect worships the feminine principle of energy and the female aspect worships the male principle of consciousness. Mataji is the embodiment of compassion. 

Mataji Immortal Avatar
Mataji Illustration by Rose Karlsen

Mataji is sometimes viewed as the consort or partner of Babaji. In other traditions, Mataji is viewed as Babaji’s sister. More is known about Babaji than about his counterpart Mataji. Mataji and Babaji are an example of the Hindu tradition of saints and deities appearing in both masculine and feminine form, in this case some view them as siblings rather than as romantic partners.

Babaji is an ancient Indian yogi known as the eternal youth. Mataji is also revered as an immortal being. In India, most saints and god-like beings have a masculine and feminine aspect.The male aspect is the principle of consciousness (Shiva) and the female aspect is the principle of energy (Shakti). In this case, Mataji and Babaji personify these two principles.

Roles of Mataji and Babaji

In their Himalayan ashram, Mataji is said to have many  responsibilities. Mataji takes care of the daily meal at noon and the organization of the ashram. She is in charge of rituals honoring Babaji, including feet washing and the offering of flowers. Mataji wears a white sari with a green border. Mataji is specifically the embodiment of compassion.

When Babaji planned to leave his physical body forever to be absorbed into the Infinite, Mataji requested that he always retain a physical form. Mataji reasoned that his students still needed to see him in a physical body. He agreed that his body would always be visible to at least a small number of disciples. Babaji is the guru and spiritual teacher for all students in his ashram.

Mantras to Mataji and Babaji

Adi Mataji is a mantra to Mataji as a representative of the Divine Mother. Adi means the primal or first mother. Jai or jaya means victory. Mataji is venerated as a yogic master representing the Divine Mother. 

Mantra to Mataji

Adi Mataji, Adi Mataji, Namo, Namah (2x)
Mataji Mama, Mataji Mama, Mataji Mama
Mataji Mama, Mataji Mama (2x)
Jaya Ma, Jaya Ma, Mataji Mama (2x)

The meaning of this chant is “Victory and honor to the Divine Mother Mataji!”

Mantra to Babaji

The mantra “Om Kriya Babaji Namah Aum” connects to the energy of Babaji. Both Mataji and Babaji are said to live in an ashram high in the Himalayas. This is a type of heavenly oasis with beautiful landscapes and a temperate climate. Only the most ardent devotees have been able to reach this abode.

Mataji and Babaji Lotus Posture

Life of Babaji

The historic Babaji is said to have been born in 203AD. He lived on the east coast of India. His birth name was Nagaraj. Legends relate that he was kidnapped by pirates and sold into slavery.

Nagaraj’s owner is said to have recognized that he had special gifts. Therefore, his owner decided to release him. From that point, Nagaraj wandered and studied spiritual teachings.

Nagaraj eventually came to be known as “Babaji,” which simply means “honored father.” He is said to have achieved immortality while still in his teens.

Babaji’s Yogic Practices

Babaji is an expert in the mastery of the root chakra or Muladhara chakra. More about the Muladhara or Root Chakra. He is said to have pledged to remain with the earth for the sake of yogic education of souls.

Nagaraj practiced Siddha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. He added his own developments to those practices, calling the new form of yoga by the name of Kriya Yoga.

One of the techniques created by Nagaraj is the Cosmic Cobra Breath. This is a spiritual technique that works on multiple dimensions to balance the brain.

The Cosmic Cobra Breath is purported to alter the physiology of the brain, which in turn alters one’s world view and ultimately one’s consciousness. 

Voice of Babaji Book

Babaji’s Cosmic Cobra Breath

The Cosmic Cobra Breath specifically affects the third ventricle of the brain. The third ventricle is a funnel-shaped cavity of the brain in the midline between the two hemispheres of the diencephalon of the forebrain. This ventricle has been viewed as significant by the Sufis, Taoists, Buddhist and ancient Egyptians.

This portion of the brain is called the Cave of Brahma by Hindus and the Crystal Palace by Taoists. The third ventricle houses the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands. The pineal and pituitary glands are said to function as a pair, forming a balance of masculine and feminine energies called the Tantric Marriage.

This practice is also said to clear the energy circuits known as nadis. The Cobra Breath can be used to transmute other forms of energy including sexual energy.

Mataji and Babaji in the Modern World

Mataji and Babaji are purported to appear sporadically to devotees and pilgrims. They are able to manifest in either a spiritual or physical form. Although Mataji is the spiritual equal of Babaji, she has chosen the role of disciple to Babaji. Mataji is said to assist students in meditation.

Mataji and Babaji both appear in the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda. Babaji is in the lineage of gurus that include Yogananda and his guru Sri Yukteswar Giri and Lahiri Mahasaya. Descriptions of Mataji and Babaji also appear in the book called The Voice of Babaji by V.T. Neelakantan.

One Minute Mantra to Mataji

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Mataji is venerated as a yogic master representing the Divine Mother. Mataji is the sister of Babaji, an ancient Indian yogi known as the eternal youth. Although Mataji is the spiritual equal of Babaji, she has chosen the role of disciple to her brother. Mataji and Babaji are an example of the Hindu tradition of saints and deities appearing in both masculine and feminine form, in this case some view them as siblings rather than as romantic partners. Article includes references to books and a video of a mantra to Mataji.

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