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Specific Flower Articles

The following flower symbol links provide a deeper dive into the meaning and history of specific popular flowers. Explore the meaning of many flower names. Learn about the role that bluebells play in the fairy kingdom. Or the contrasting flower symbols connected to poppies. Find comfort and inspiration in the beauty and rich history of flower symbols! Links to all specific flower symbols articles below.


Bluebells are linked to the realm of fairies. Explore bluebell flowers symbols.

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies have been used for winter solstice. Learn about calla lily flowers.


Camellias are significant in many parts of China. Discover camellias.


Daffodils have both positive and negative meanings. More about daffodil flowers.


Daises have medicinal and commercial uses. Learn more about daisy flower symbols.


Foxglove are said to either hurt or heal. More about foxgloves.


Irises meaning is closely related to the fleur-de-lis. Learn more about irises.


Lily flower meaning in China is diverse. Learn more about lily flower symbols.


The name lupinus means “of wolves.” Learn more about lupines.


Marigolds are a love charm and protection from the plague. More about marigolds.

Morning Glories

This flower means two lovers. More about morning glories.


Orchid meaning varies widely for this unique flower. Learn more about orchids.


Poinsettia are the most loved flower for Christmas. More about poinsettia.


The poppy is a powerful, magical flower. Learn more about poppies


The meaning of a rose depends greatly on the color. Learn more about rose meanings.


Sunflowers turn their heads to the sun. Learn more about sunflower meanings.

Sweet Peas

Sweet pea meanings include pleasure and good-bye. Learn about sweet peas.


Tulips have been the focus of wild trading and high prices. Learn more about tulips.

Marigold Meaning in Astrology

Featured Article: Marigold Flower Symbols

Marigolds derive their name from the practice of placing them at the feet of statues of the Virgin Mary. Gold was preferred by the church but those too poor to give gold would offer these beautiful golden flowers. On the other hand, marigolds have been used as love charms and wedding flowers. They were also believed to offer protection from the plague.

Learn more about this fascinating flower! Read full article on Marigold Meaning in Romance, Astrology and Religion

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