Explore Kathleen’s video playlists hosted on YouTube. Includes multiple playlists exploring music, symbolic art, health psychology and consciousness. Find a free mantra course Sounds of the Cosmos with over 90 minutes of videos. 

Video playlists include Minute Mantras for Busy People, Health & Psychology, Stories and Commentary, How to Use Mantras, Vocal Medicine and more. Find information about each playlist and links to videos at Video Playlists.

Interviews, Radio and Other Media


Listen to Kathleen’s interviews covering topics including kirtan music, the health benefits of art and music, chanting as a spiritual practice, the psychology of sound and more.

Includes interviews by Geri Habstritt of Oneness Talk Radio and a Jacobus Hollewjin of Health Talk Radio. Segments based on topic for easy listening.

Kathleen Karlsen Recording

Articles and News Media


Published articles by Kathleen Karlsen and news coverage of music events with the Vocal Medicine Band.