Chakras and Musical Notes
All Mantras & Songs (33 Articles)

Learn to use mantras and songs to create a happy heart, a clear mind and a rejuvenated body! Go deeper into the science of chanting, mantras and the power of sacred music.

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Free Mantra Course

An introduction to mantras and the concept of seed syllables. Free mantra course includes over 90 minutes of videos in 10 segments featuring full-color illustrations, artwork and mantra lyrics.

Chakras and Musical Instruments
Music-Related Articles (6 Articles) 

Explore the meaning behind the music in these articles on specific mantras, the practice of kirtan, Eastern deities and more. Learn about the scientific basis of the positive effects of singing.

Vocal Medicine Album Cover with Kathleen Karlsen

Vocal Medicine Album

Vocal Medicine album tracks for listening, chanting and meditation. “Vocal Medicine” is a reference to the psychological, emotional and health-supporting benefits of mantras.

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