Books by Kathleen Karlsen

Books by Kathleen Karlsen on symbolism and the transformational power of sacred music, chanting and kirtan. Kathleen has written nearly 200 articles that have been viewed online over 180,000 times. She also has professional writing experience in the natural health industry. She is also a technical writer and content designer in the software sector. The books below are the result of her lifelong passion for art and music.

Vocal Medicine Book by Kathleen Karlsen

Vocal Medicine brings together a personal journey through mantras, chanting and kirtan, and years of research into the power of sacred art and sacred music.

Topics include the building blocks of sound; bija seed syllables; mantras and the chakras; and the transformative power of sound, color and the arts. 

Features musical notation and descriptions of over two dozen mantras and chants for transforming the body and mind. Extensive illustrations by Rose Karlsen. Paperback, 186 pages Reg. $15.95, SALE $9.95

Flower Symbols Book by Kathleen Karlsen

Flower Symbols includes fascinating information about the symbolism and folklore of the world’s most beloved flowers, with illustrations of selected flowers, famous quotes about flowers, selected poetry featuring flowers and information about traditional uses of flowers for healing.

Flowers accompany us in nearly every major event in life: birth, graduation, marriage, illness and death. Flower images adorn practically everything around us: clothing, jewelry, wallpaper, furniture, artwork and more.

The folklore, meanings, facts and legends about flowers adds a fascinating new dimension to nearly every aspect of life. A perfect gift for every flower lover! 112 pages Reg. $12.95, SALE $9.95