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Books by Kathleen Karlsen

Books by Kathleen Karlsen on flower symbolism and the transformational power of sacred music, chanting and kirtan. Kathleen has written nearly 200 articles currently viewed online over 180,000 times. She also has writing experience in the natural health industry and the software sector. These books are the result of her lifelong passion for art and music. Kathleen’s artwork is on the cover of each of her books. More at Symbolic Artwork.

Vocal Medicine: Transformation through Sound

Vocal Medicine brings together a personal journey through mantras, chanting and kirtan, and years of research into the power of sacred art and sacred music.

Topics include:

  • building blocks of sound
  • bija seed syllables
  • mantras and the chakras
  • transformative power of sound, color and the art


Paperback, 186 pages, $15.95

Save when purchased on this site: $10.95 $15.95

MORE INFO and responses from readers.

"Vocal Medicine is a beautiful book! I had only been involved in Kirtan a few times when I was divinely guided to Kathleen Karlsen. I knew that I loved the way I felt when I was chanting but I didn’t understand exactly why. This book dives into the breakdown of the chants and was exactly what I was looking for without even knowing it! Highly recommend!!" 

S.M., Kirtan Music Fan

Flower Symbols: The Language of Love

Flower Symbols includes fascinating information about the symbolism and folklore of the world’s most beloved flowers:

  • meanings of over 100 flowers
  • illustrations of selected flowers
  • famous quotes about flowers
  • poetry featuring flowers
  • information about flowers for healing

The folklore, meanings, facts and legends about flowers adds a fascinating new dimension to nearly every aspect of life. A perfect gift for every flower lover!

Paperback, 112 pages, $12.95

Save when purchased on this site: $9.95 $12.95

MORE INFO and responses from readers.

"Flower Symbols is a precious and enlightening book....The day I read the book, I immediately used it to craft a birthday bouquet that communicated hope, playfulness, and magic. What fun! As icing on the cake, Karlsen also provides an overview of essential oils and healing uses of flowers."

A. B., Freelance Writer

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