Below are videos related to healing, psychology and spirituality. See additional videos on these and other diverse topics on my YouTube channel.

This video is about an adventure in my early twenties arriving in Vermont to live in a Quaker-based community.


If you are going to talk about life, you’ve got to have some credentials….

Stuff that can help (or not) with food issues and other chronic conditions.

Maybe the best thing we can do to “help” someone else is celebrate when they are victorious without our help!

The use of body language in power situations for a deceptive advantage.

This video is about an unusual experience of x-ray vision and healing.

A video about relationships and power.

This video describes my experiences healing a decades-old injury through emotional release.

Interviews and Radio Shows

Learn about mantras, kirtan and the power of sound.
Interview of Kathleen Karlsen by Jacobus Hollewijn
on his Gesundheit! radio talk show.

Listen to audio tracks here.