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Find symbolism resources below including articles and videos covering spiritual symbols, nature symbols, flower meanings and more. Learn about the chakras, world religions, yantras, symbolic art, and the language of flowers. Take a deeper dive into the meaning of symbols in the cultural heritage of the world and the beauty of nature all around us.

Find comfort and meaning in the rich history of these symbolic treasures. Includes beautiful illustrations and reference guides. Many of these symbolism resources are taken from Kathleen Karlsen’s books, extensive published articles, lectures and workshops. Unlock the mysteries of the universe through symbolism!

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Yantra Symbolism

Yantra Meaning & Symbolism

Yantras are geometric forms similar to mandalas that have been in use for thousands of years. Learn how to use yantras for meditation and mantra practice.

Gayatri Yantra Symbolism

The Gayatri yantra symbol is a visual counterpart for a family of mantras known as the Gayatris. Learn how to use the Gayatri yantra for meditation and visulaization.

Hanuman Yantra Symbolism

The Hanuman yantra is a good choice for focusing on supporting your immune system, increasing your productivity and helping with effective communication skills.

Chakra Symbolism

Chakra Meaning

The chakras have importance in both spirituality and health. The centers of energy in the body also relate to psychology and emotional balance. An overview of the seven major chakras.

Chakra Sounds

Learn the sounds associated with each chakra and how to strengthen your chakras through sound. Includes toning, bija seed syllables and mantras. Features videos with chakra sounds.

Essential Oils and Chakras

Chakras and Essential Oils

Chakras and essential oils pair well to help to calm and balance emotions and the mind. Essential oils operate on many levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.

Chakra Stones and Meanings

There are specific stones and crystals for each of the seven chakras. Working with these stones can help to bring balance and spiritual protection. Learn about the meanings of these stones.

Chakras and Organs

Each of the organs in the human body are associated with one or more of the seven major chakras or energy centers. Chakras and organs give keys to creating optimal health.

Chakra Symbols

Explore the meaning of the ancient symbols associated with each of the seven major chakras. Discover keys to understanding the meaning and function of each chakra. 

Root Chakra Meaning

The root chakra is associated with survival instincts for food, shelter, safety, comfort and belonging. The root chakra is also connected with your history and ancestral energy.

Sacral Chakra Meaning

Sacral chakra meaning is focused on relationships. This includes one’s relationship with oneself as well as others. The sacral chakra name Svadhishthana, means “one’s own place.”

Solar Plexus Chakra Meaning

The solar plexus chakra is located at the naval, center of intuition (a gut feeling). This chakra is connected to both service and desires.

Heart Chakra Meaning

The heart chakra is focused on connection to others as well as to your own higher self. The name “Anahata” means “unstruck, unhurt.”

Throat Chakra Definitions and Symbol

Throat Chakra Meaning

The throat chakra is the center of power and self-expression. This chakra is the focus for speaking, singing and chanting. Learn more!

Third Eye Meaning

The third eye is the source of psychic vision, visualization and spiritual intuition. The third eye is connected to prophecy and dream interpretation. Learn more about the third eye.

Crown Chakra Meaning

The solar plexus chakra is located at the naval, center of intuition (a gut feeling). This chakra is connected to both service and desires.

Chakras and Deities

Chakras and deities pair together the functions of the chakras and the personifications of energy of chakra. The seven major chakras are associated with one or more Hindu deities.

Deity Symbolism

Ganesha Symbolism

Depictions of Ganesha have multiple symbolic meanings. Every aspect of images and statues have spiritual significance. Learn more about the many objects associated with Ganesha.

Deity Meaning

Nearly every spiritual tradition has personified God in one form or another. This article includes gods and goddesses, nature spirits, angels, heavenly beings and buddhas. 

Agni Deva: Fire Symbolism

Symbolic and physical fire have been associated with religious traditions around the world for ages. Agni Deva is the Hindu God of Fire. Learn more about Agni Deva and his mantra.

Medicine Buddha

Read about the Medicine Buddha and my extraordinary experience using this mantra. Listen to the Medicine Buddha Mantra and find out about his symbols and history. Find out all about the Medicine Buddha Mantra.

Hindu Deities

For thousands of years the rishis of India (Hindu sages) experimented with the effects of chanting. Mantras are generally focused on the names of the gods and goddesses in the Hindu pantheon of deities.

Symbols of Spring: Ostara

Ostara symbols include rabbits and colored eggs. Learn the fascinating story behind the goddess of spring, origin of Easter, known by Astara, Ostara or Eostara. Video of Astara invocation. 

Ancient Deities

Many ancient deities are based on the patterns and power of nature: spring, solstice, harvest, the sun, the moon, storms, fire and so forth. Learn more about ancient deities.

Buddhist Deities

Buddhist deities include Buddhas, female Buddhas and bodhisattvas. The masculine Buddhas are more well-known than their feminine counterparts. Learn more about Buddhist deities.

Western Songs & Symbolism

The Judeo Christian tradition includes the forms of the deity in the Old and New Testaments. Symbolism includes the five elements, the breath, the angels and the archangels.

Mataji and Babaji

Mataji is an Eastern adept in feminine form who is an immortal avatar. She is an expression of the Divine Mother (Mata). Learn more about Mataji and her consort Babaji. Includes a music video.

Durga the Warrior Goddess

Durga is a form of the Goddess or Divine Mother in Hinduism. She is also known as Devi and Shakti. Durga is a warrior goddess defending the soul of the spiritual aspirant. More about Durga.

Flower Symbolism

Flower Meanings List

Everything you ever wanted to know about flower meanings! Comprehensive list of flower meanings with photographs. Links to more about specific flowers. Learn more about flower meanings.

The Language of Flowers

The language of flowers will help you to find the perfect flower for any occasion! Discover this fascinating system of flower symbolism developed in Victorian times. Learn more.

Flower Color Meanings

Flower color meaning gives flowers a whole new level of symbolic significance. Includes color meanings for the world’s most beloved flowers. Learn more about flower color meanings.

Symbolic Flowers in Art

Flower symbolism crosses all cultural and historic boundaries. Includes fascinating facts about flower symbolism in art and history. Learn more about symbolic flowers.

Bluebell Flower Meaning

Bluebell flower meaning includes humility and gratitude. Bluebells are closely linked to the realm of fairies. Learn more about bluebell flower meanings.

Calla Lily Meaning

Calla lily meaning crosses many cultures. Calla lilies was used by the Romans for winter solstice. Learn more about calla lily meaning.

Camellia Meaning

Camellia meaning is significant in many parts of China. Camellia petals and calyx each have their own meaning. Camellias blooms are usually red. Learn more about camellia symbol meanings.

Daffodil Meaning

Daffodils are the heralds of spring! They have both positive and negative meanings. Learn about ancient myths and daffodils. More about daffodil symbol meanings.

Daisy Meaning

Daisy meaning reaches all the way back to ancient Egypt, Crete and the Middle Ages. Daises have medicinal powers and commercial uses. Learn more about daisy symbolism.

Daylily Flower Meaning

Daylily flower meaning in China is diverse. The lily is an omen for expectant mothers and represents devotion to one’s mother. Learn more about daylily flower meaning.

Foxglove Flower Meaning

Foxglove meaning is both positive and negative. They are said to sometimes hurt and sometimes heal. Learn more about foxglove flower meaning.

Iris Flower Meaning

Iris meaning is closely related to the fleur-de-lis, a well-known symbol. Learn more about iris flower meaning.

Lupine Flower Meaning

The name lupinus means “of wolves” due to the mistaken idea that lupines rob the soil of nutrients. The flower also has positive meanings. Learn more about lupine flower meaning.

Marigold Meaning

Marigold meaning may range from their use as a love charm to protection from the plague. Learn more about this fascinating flower and marigold symbols.

Morning Glory Meaning

The star-shaped morning glory is symbolic of a day in which two mythological lovers are allowed to meet. Learn more about morning glory flower meaning.

Orchid Meaning

Orchid meaning varies widely. Traditional meanings and specific meanings make this a unique flower. Learn more about orchid meanings.

Poinsettia Meaning

Poinsettia meaning to the ancient Aztecs was purity. Today, poinsettia are the most easily recognized flower symbolic of Christmas. Learn more about poinsettia symbol meanings.

Poppy Flower Meaning

The poppy is a powerful, magical flower associated both with eternal life and death. Learn more about poppy flower meaning

Rose Meaning

The meaning of a rose depends greatly on the color. There are meanings for many different colors of roses. Learn more about rose meanings.

Sunflower Meaning

Sunflowers turn their heads to the sun, which is the origin of their name. The large center hub is also similar to a sun. Learn more about sunflower symbol meanings.

Sweet Pea Flower Meaning

Sweet pea flower meaning includes blissful pleasure, good-bye, departure, adieu and thank you for a lovely time. Learn more about sweet pea meanings.

Tulip Meaning

Tulips have been the focus of wild trading and high prices. The symbolic meanings and value change with the color of the tulips. Learn more about tulip symbol meanings.

Body Symbolism

Spiritual Meaning of the Body

The spiritual meaning of the body can be a key to healing on all levels: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. An introduction to  correlating body parts and meaning.

Healing Mantras

Healing mantras have an ancient history. For thousands of years the rishis of India (Hindu sages) experimented with the effects of chanting. Learn more in Healing Mantras.

A Healing Painting for My Back

I had a very interesting and unusual experience with a healing painting several years ago when I had a chronic back problem. The results were surprisingly successful. 

Nature Symbols

Ocean Paintings & Symbols

Ocean paintings symbolize the source of life and  abundance that dwells in the ocean. The ocean is constantly changing, symbolizing limitless possibilities. More about ocean symbolism.