Symbolic Art

Symbolic art is a universal cultural phenomenon. The symbolic significance that man assigns to external objects may reflect more about him than about objective reality. Ultimately all visual objects have some level of symbolic significance. In addition, the meaning of symbolism may depend on the age and gender of the viewer as well as the cultural context.

Chakra Art

Chakra art serves as depictions of the the unseen forces that govern the energy and strength of the seven major chakras. Chakra art is a reminder of the power of the body and spirit.

Deity Art in Hinduism

Deity art depicts the personification of God in many world religions. The ones included here are focused on Hinduism. Forms of the deity are so varied as to be nearly overwhelming.

Yoga Symbols

Yoga symbols include Sanskrit characters, yantras, chakra symbols and more. Use these images as visualizations to tap into the energy of ancient symbols with powerful meanings.

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