My Prayer for a Predator — 2 Comments

  1. I love how you have said this. What keeps coming to my mind is loving as God loves. When I think of what that must be like there is a certain reducing in power of those predators and I see them more as terribly wounded and in need of this exposure so they can be helped. perhaps healed and stop hurting others. I am with you and so grateful there is light being shone on this.

    • Yes, it is a positive thing to have all of this out in the open because that alone is protection for children and teens and others. Practicing forgiveness and protecting others at the same time is a challenge. I did not prosecute either predator at the time and I found out later that both men went on to harm others. That was not an ideal outcome. I am sorry for that. In today’s world, I hope that the increased public awareness will encourage others to speak out immediately and change the trajectory of the predator’s behavior (through rehabilitation, restriction or incarceration if warranted). That would be a blessing for all.

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