I’d love to come and speak at your conference, retreat, or gathering. My current presentations focus on transformative solutions for real-life problems illustrated by dramatic stories and humorous incidents. Contact me to book an event for your group or organization.

Radical Responsibility

There are times when you may feel that your choices have been limited or heavily influenced by situations out of your control. Can you take radical responsibility for your own happiness and success? Can you meet the challenges of both normal and unusual circumstances in your life?

What if you were married to someone without the benefit of dating or courtship? How would you take responsibility for that outcome and create a healthy relationship? What if you had to earn a living while caring for your five young children? What if you needed to find a way to transform and heal a long-standing injury? These experiences are all part of my life story.

Taking radical responsibility for your own well-being can create miraculous change in any area of your life. Let me share my experiences and offer insights that can transform your life, work, relationships and health. Contact me to explore how an entertaining presentation on this topic can benefit your group or organization.

Exceptional Discipline

I grew up with a father that survived a full speed plane crash. Watching him do amazing things with significant disabilities taught me the incredible value of exceptional discipline. He is the real Bionic Man!

Although we tend to think of discipline as restriction or deprivation, self-discipline is the key to extraordinary freedom. Discipline is your greatest ally! Discipline with money leads to wealth. Discipline with life style leads to health. Discipline with passion leads to stability.

How can you be inspired to embody the kind of discipline that leads to tremendous aliveness and virtually unlimited possibilities? What would this principle transform in your personal life, your organization or your community?

Contact me to find a time when I can share my experiences with your group or organization.

Finding Your Voice

What happens when you have the courage to pursue what you love? What happens when you speak up for yourself? What happens when you change the way that you relate to yourself, your family and your friends?

After a childhood in an authoritarian military environment, ten years in a strict religious community, and over two decades raising five kids and running a business, I desperately needed to find my own voice and path. Shifting gears that significantly can be a roller coaster ride!

Let me share the tools, attitudes and experiences that helped me to navigate through this transition to an amazing new life of creativity and personal power. Find your talents, your passion and your voice!

Contact me to reserve a time for having fun while exploring this serious topic.

Background: I have 15 years of experience teaching and presenting in classroom, studio and public venues. I’ve given over 150 educational presentations on a wide array of topics. I am available to offer presentations, workshops and extended trainings. Contact me to explore how I might be able to contribute to your event.

Other Possibilities: If you are interested in booking me or my band for a musical event, please see Music. If you’d like to use my art for corporate gifts or branding or you’d like to sponsor an art exhibit, please see Art.

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