Root Chakra Affirmations

Root chakra affirmations are a powerful way to create safety and security in your world. Learn to ground yourself and gain healing release with affirmations. Use the affirmations below as part of your self-care practices. You can meditate on them, write them out, speak them aloud, say them to yourself in a mirror or sing them in the shower!

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Try using the affirmations that resonate with your needs for five to ten minutes a day for at least ten days. I think you’ll be so excited about the shifts in your life that you will want to continue using these or other affirmations indefinitely. I’d love to hear from you about your results or to answer questions at

Root Chakra: Safety, Grounding & Healing

The root chakra is the place where we process and transform energy, thoughts and experiences related to security, safety and personal and ancestral history. The root chakra is connected to the earth and helps with grounding in your environment. The root chakra relates to the lower body, including the feet, knees, pelvis, large intestines, bladder and kidneys. 

Root chakra affirmations emphasize the bounty of the universe and the provision of basic needs such as community, food and shelter. Thus, the root chakra is associated with the home environment. Other tips for positivity in your home include decluttering, creating bright spaces and inviting nature into your home. 

Back with Chakras Root Emphasis

Root Chakra Affirmations: Release

Stagnation in the root chakra can be connected to possessiveness. This might be allowing others to possess and control you. This may also be your own possessiveness or selfishness towards others. You may feel that others need your help. Be careful not to try and control others through your assistance. A final form of possessiveness is unconscious attachment.

Attempts to dominate others can be a mental block to healthy intestinal functioning. Proper energy flow in this area help to maintain a straight back and a balanced, flexible lower body. Try the following root chakra affirmations for release and elimination:

The past is over. My personal and ancestral history is complete.
The memories of the past are dissolved and released through the power of God within.
I live in the joyful present. I no longer condemn myself or others.
I hold fast to the good and cast out all regrets. I am filled with new life.
I allow everyone to reign as sovereign in their own lives.
I trust in the divine path of each soul. It is safe to let go and be free.

The pure love of my higher self now dissolves all appearances of human selfishness.
I am free of thoughts that clutter my mind and life. 
I now willingly let go of every thought, condition or relationship that delays my healing.
I am blessed with healing release at every level of my being.
I release you to your highest good as a child of God. I let you find your own life and path.
I give everyone the freedom to grow and change.

Root Chakra Hindu Symbol

Root Chakra Affirmations: Safety & Freedom

Overemphasis of the mind versus gut level feelings can result in lack of vitality and flow in the abdominal region. Challenges including constipation may result. If purely personal objectives are prioritized consistently over service to others, this may also result in a blockage in the energy of the root chakra. Fear of loss or concern about safety and security are also root chakra issues.

An imbalanced root chakra can be connected to the feeling of lack. This may be a lack of material goods or the fear of want. The fear of material loss is also part of this mental pattern. You may have a sense of a lack of time and having too much to do. Constantly pushing and striving rather than relaxing can also create stress at this level. Try experimenting with the following root chakra affirmations:

The power of God within me now guards and protects my life.
The spirit of Life within me is the unlimited power working for balance and peace.
I create a safe new future for myself.

I relax and let Life flow joyously. I am free.
I am free of all thoughts of bitterness, revenge, intolerance, injustice and misunderstanding.
All of my thoughts bring new life, happy relationships and a healthy body.
I soften and sweeten my thoughts towards those around me. I dwell on the good in everyone.
Forgiveness stimulates my body and soul. My mind and emotions choose freedom and joy.
I let go and let freedom reign is all of my relationships now. I trust in the God within each one.

Root Chakra Affirmations Feet and Lower Body

Root Chakra Affirmations: The Lower Body

The feet literally represent our understanding in life. The lower body symbolizes moving forward, activity and new directions. This includes the feet, toes (details of life), ankles, lower back, pelvis, toes and knees. The muscular and skeletal systems are also governed by the root chakra. These systems provide a foundation for the structure and strength of the entire body. 

I give myself permission to move forward in life.
It is safe to find new directions and paths.
I step forward with freedom and joy.
I approve of my new direction in life.
I welcome the changes that bring lightness, freedom and sweetness into my life.
I release all attitudes, experiences and relationships that do not contribute to my freedom and harmony now.

I live in compassion and forgiveness. I am flexible and flowing.
I bend humbly with the Divine Intelligence and trust that all is well.
I carry the sacred flame within in honor and appreciation of life.
I release all that does not contribute to my health and core identity.
I govern the thoughts of my mind. My character is straight and upright. 

The details of the future are arranged in perfect order. 

I am filled with the strength, power and vitality to accomplish all that I desire.
I am free from all mental and emotional weakness.
My strength is my conviction of the goodness of life.
There is no strength or power except the good.

I am the authority in my world.
I create a strong and balanced structure to support myself.
I am in charge of my mind, body and life.

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This article covers root chakra affirmations, a powerful way to create safety, freedom and security in your world. Learn to ground yourself and gain healing release with affirmations. The root chakra is also the place where we process and transform energy, thoughts and experiences related to personal and ancestral history. Provides root chakra affirmations focused on release, elimination, safety, security and moving forward in life.

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