Flower Symbolism

Flower Symbolism

Flower Symbolism

Chakra Flowers

Chakra flowers have symbolic meaning for each of the seven major chakras. Flowers are among the oldest symbols, expanding the meaning of each chakra. 

Flower Color Meaning

Flower color meaning gives flowers a whole new level of symbolic significance. Includes color meanings for the world’s most beloved flowers.

Flower Language

The language of flowers will help you to find the perfect flower for any occasion! Discover this fascinating system of symbolism developed in Victorian times.

Healing with Flower Art

Scientific studies prove that flower art can speed recovery, reduce stress and comfort the viewer. Learn to use flower art in various environments.

Symbolic Flowers 

Flower symbolism crosses all cultural and historic boundaries. Includes fascinating facts about flower symbolism in art, culture and history. 

Sacred Flowers

Fascinating sacred flower meanings in mythology, history and religion! Comprehensive list of flower meanings with individual flower photographs.

Bluebell Flower Meaning 

Bluebells are linked to the realm of fairies. Bluebell meaning includes humility and gratitude. Ancient forests in England and Scotland are linked to bluebells. 

Calla Lily Meaning

Calla lily meaning crosses many cultures. Calla lilies were used by the Romans for winter solstice. They are symbols of the ascension as well as sexual symbols. 

Camellia Meaning

Camellias are significant flowers in many parts of China. Camellia petals and calyx each have their own meaning. They are symbols of eternal love and faithfulness.

Daffodil Meaning

Daffodils are the heralds of spring! They have both positive and negative meanings. Learn about myths regarding daffodils and the meaning of yellow flowers. 

Daisy Meaning

Daises have both medicinal and commercial uses. Daisies are believed to be more than 4,000 years old. “Daisy” has made its way into literature and language.

Daylily Flower Meaning

Lily flower meaning in China is diverse. The lily is an omen for expectant mothers and represents devotion to one’s mother, especially a son to his mother.

Foxglove Flower Meaning

Foxglove meanings are both positive and negative. They are said to sometimes hurt and sometimes heal. Foxglove can be medicinal (used for the heart).

Iris Flower Meaning

Irises meaning is closely related to the fleur-de-lis. This is one of the most well-known political and religious symbols. Irises feature in decorations around the world. 

Lupine Meaning

The name lupinus means “of wolves” due to the mistaken idea that lupines rob the soil of nutrients. This flower has many meanings including imagination.

Marigold Meaning

Marigolds are a love charm and protection from the plague. The name comes from “Mary’s Gold.” These flowers were used in lieu of gold at statues of the Virgin Mary.

Morning Glory Meaning

This flower means two lovers. The star-shaped morning glory is symbolic of a single day in a year in which two mythological lovers are allowed to meet.

Orchid Flower Meaning

Orchid meaning varies widely. Traditional meanings and the exotic flowers make this a perfect flower for shows and breeders. This flower has an ancient history.

Poinsettia Meaning

Poinsettia flowers meant purity to the Aztecs. They cultivated the poinsettia for decorative and medicinal purposes. Poinsettia are the flower symbolic of Christmas.

Poppy Flower Meaning

The poppy is a powerful, magical plant. The bright petals of poppies are a stunning contrast in green fields. Poppies are associated with both beauty and death.

Rose Meaning

The meaning of a rose depends greatly on the color. There are many different colors of roses. The rose is a favorite flower in songs, poetry and around the world.

Sunflower Meaning

Sunflowers turn their heads to the sun, the origin of their name. The large center hub is also similar to a sun. This beloved flower is featured in poetry and song.

Sweet Pea Meaning

Sweet pea flower meaning includes blissful pleasure, delicate pleasure, good-bye, departure, adieu, delightful fragrance and thank you for a lovely time. 

Tulip Meaning

Tulips have been the focus of wild trading and high prices. Tulips mean fame, freedom and perfect love. Tulips are one of the most admired flowers in the world. 

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