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Religious Symbolism

Religious symbolism reveals the deepest meanings in the psyche and history of mankind. Explore symbols from Eastern and Western traditions including a wide array of deities and personifications of God and nature. Find religious symbolism that resonates with your heart and mind.

Deity Meaning

Nearly every spiritual tradition has personified God in one form or another. This article includes gods and goddesses, nature spirits, angels, heavenly beings and buddhas. 

Archangels of the Seven Rays

The archangels of the seven rays are hierarchs for innumerable angels serving under them. Angels are messengers, protectors, healers and comforters.

Ganesha Symbolism

Depictions of Ganesha have multiple symbolic meanings. Every aspect of images and statues have spiritual significance. Learn more about the many objects associated with Ganesha.

Easter Symbols (Ostara)

Ostara symbols include rabbits and colored eggs. Learn the fascinating story behind the goddess of spring, origin of Easter, known by Astara, Ostara or Eostara. Video of Astara invocation. 

Deity Art in Hinduism

Deity art depicts the personification of God in many world religions. The ones included here are focused on Hinduism. Forms of the deity are so varied as to be nearly overwhelming.