Ganesha Print


Artwork: Ganesha is the elephant-headed god of Hindu lore. He is often invoked at the beginning of an undertaking or an event. Ganesha is the son of Parvati and Shiva. He is the patron of writers and learning. Ganesha is revered in various traditions including Jainism and Buddhism. This beautiful illustration is based on an original pen and ink drawing by Rose Karlsen created for the book Vocal Medicine by Kathleen Karlsen.

Symbolic Meaning: Ever wondered why Ganesha has the head of an elephant? And what about the four arms? How did Ganesha become associated with new beginnings and the overcoming of obstacles? Learn about the origin of Ganesha and over a dozen symbols often associated with him.

Fine Art Print Description: Printed on matte paper. Beautiful low-gloss finish. All prints are custom-made. Prints are made to order and ship within 48 hours.

Original Illustration: 8×10″, black and white, matted and framed, $295, inquiries Contact Us.