Favorite Spot Prints


Artwork: A spot to lean against a tree and read a book. Or lay on your back gazing at white clouds moving gaily across a blue sky! An apple tree in blossom in a field overflowing with orange, yellow, blue and white flowers. Based on an original painting by Kathleen Karlsen.

Fine Art Print Description: Printed on matte paper. Beautiful low-gloss finish. All prints are custom-made. Prints are made to order and ship within 48 hours.

Symbolism: This painting contains bluebells and other wildflowers. Bluebells mean humility and are often associated with fairies. Read more about Bluebell Flower Meaning. Flower colors also have significance. Learn more in Flower Color Meanings about yellow, orange, white and blue flowers.

Other Products: Products featuring this image include floral prints, floral coffee mugs, floral mouse pads and flower art posters.

Original Painting: SOLD

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