Nature Symbolism

Earthworks: Spiral Jetty

Earthworks artists pursued direct modification of the landscape itself. This was both traditional and progressive, emulating prehistoric monuments. 

Feng Shui & Five Elements

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese system that uses a system of five elements to classify forces of nature and their transformations. Learn how to use these elements!

Galaxy Art: Creating Space

The psychological breadth of galaxy art is a shift from the historical emphasis on easel painting. Use galaxy art to create inspiring spaces. 

Mystical Plants

Man has diligently sought to discover the secret powers of plants. And in times of pain and illness, man has turned to his botanical allies for comfort.

Nature Spirits

Nature spirits exist in nearly every culture and tradition on earth. This includes the four elemental beings that correspond with fire, air, water and earth. 

Nature Symbols

Nature symbols have powerful impacts on the human psyche. Nature has been proven to foster stress recovery and relieve blood pressure and muscle tension.

Ocean Paintings

Ocean paintings symbolize the source of life and  abundance that dwells in the ocean. The ocean is constantly changing, symbolizing limitless possibilities.

Sun & Moon Art

The impact of sun and moon art is universal: these are the most prominent symbols in our worlds. Each have their own mythology and unique creation stories. 

Symbolism of Trees

The deep-rooted symbolism of trees is apparent in common metaphors such as the Tree of Life and our ancestral heritage depicted in family trees.