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Free Mantra Course

An introduction to mantras and the concept of seed syllables. Includes over 90 minutes of videos featuring full-color illustrations, artwork and mantra lyrics.

Healing Mantras

Healing mantras have an ancient history. For thousands of years the rishis of India (Hindu sages) experimented with the effects of chanting and mantras. 

Kirtan Music FAQs

Kirtan music is a form of devotional singing originating in India that is gaining popularity in the Western world. Kirtan refers to a group practice of mantras. 

My Journey with Mantras

Learn to reforge your heart with mantras! The path of healing through spiritual fire. Kathleen’s personal Journey with Mantras for healing and self-transformation.

One Word Mantras (Bijas)

One word mantras include the powerful bija seed syllables that activate the qualities of God and forces of nature. These are used in longer, descriptive mantras.

Tibetan Culture

Tibetan culture is alive and well in Bozeman, Montana to a great extent through the efforts of Tsering Lodoe, a Tibetan opera singer and multi-instrumentalist.

The Color Music Connection

Explore the fascinating connections between color and music. Includes synesthesia, the history of multimedia, and the psychological impact of color.

Visual Music Instruments

Visual music consists of mobile abstract or geometric shapes integrated with music. This article covers a number of the early visual music instruments.

Western Sacred Songs

A set of devotional songs of original music and lyrics honoring the Judeo Christian tradition. This includes angels and the concept of the Holy Spirit.

What Is Mantra Yoga?

Mantra yoga has powerful effects on the mind and spirit. The effects on the body and brain are being studied by scientists for impacts on well-being on many levels.

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Chakra Sounds

Learn the sounds associated with each chakra and how to strengthen your chakras through sound. Includes toning, bija seed syllables and mantras. 

Hindu Deities

For thousands of years the Hindu sages experimented with the effects of chanting. Mantras are often focused on the names of the deities in the Hindu pantheon.

Vocal Medicine Album

Vocal Medicine album tracks for listening, chanting and meditation. “Vocal Medicine” is a reference to the psychological, emotional and health benefits of mantras.

Vocal Medicine Book

Vocal Medicine reveals Kathleen Karlsen’s personal journey with mantras, chanting and kirtan. Includes years of research into the power of sacred music.