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Music Related Articles & Resources

Explore the meaning behind the music in these music related articles on specific mantras, the practice of kirtan, Eastern deities and more. Learn about the scientific basis of the positive effects of singing and the practice of mantras and more about Kathleen’s personal journey with mantras. All musci related articles are listed in alphabetical order below.

Introduction to Sacred Music

Kirtan Music

Kirtan music is a form of devotional singing originating in India that is gaining popularity in the Western world. Kirtan refers to the spiritual practice of singing mantras. 

Spiritual Mantra Practice

Mantra yoga has powerful effects on the mind and spirit. The effects of spiritual mantra practice on the body and brain are being studied by scientists for the impacts on well-being on many levels.

One Word Mantras (Bijas)

One word mantras include the powerful bija seed syllables as well as significant words in both Sanskrit and English. Learn more in One Word Mantras (Bija Syllables).

Sacred Sound Healing

Healing mantras have an ancient history. For thousands of years the rishis of India (Hindu sages) experimented with the effects of chanting. Learn more in Healing Mantras.

Tibetan Culture

Tibetan culture is alive and well in Bozeman, Montana to a great extent through the efforts of Tsering Lodoe, a Tibetan opera singer and multi-instrumentalist.

Western Devotional Songs

Devotional songs including angels and the Holy Spirit as well as expressions of mercy and compassion. Information provided about the five elements, the breath, angels and archangels. 

My Journey with Mantras

Learn to reforge your heart with mantras! The path of healing through spiritual fire. Kathleen’s personal Journey with Mantras for healing and self-transformation.

Vocal Medicine Book

Vocal Medicine reveals Kathleen Karlsen’s personal journey with mantras, chanting and kirtan. Benefit from Kathleen’s years of research into the power of sacred music.

Free Mantra Course

Free mantra course includes over 90 minutes of videos in 10 segments featuring full-color illustrations, artwork and mantra lyrics. An introduction to mantras and the concept of seed syllables in Sanskrit. 

Eastern Mantras

Ganesha Meaning & Mantras

Ganesha is one of the most well-known and popular deities in the Hindu pantheon. He is the colorful and memorable elephant-headed son of Shiva and Parvati. Listen to a mantra to Ganesha.

Astrology Mantras

Astrological mantras are designed to mitigate challenges and amplify positive configurations. Based on the Vedic astrological system. Listen to astrological mantras.

Durga the Warrior Goddess

Durga is a form of the Goddess or Divine Mother in Hinduism. She is also known as Devi and Shakti. Durga is a warrior goddess defending the soul of the spiritual aspirant. More about Durga.

Nataraja Mantras

Nataraja mantras are joyful and exciting! Nataraja is known as the Cosmic Dancer or Lord of the Dance. Nataraja is one of the presiding deities for the crown chakra.

Agni Deva: Hindu God of Fire

Symbolic and physical fire have been associated with religious traditions around the world for ages. Agni Deva is the Hindu God of Fire. Learn more about Agni Deva and his mantra.

Wealth Mantra (SHRIM Bija)

SHRIM is one of the most powerful and commonly used of the biji mantras. SHRIM is the bija mantra most associated with the goddess Lakshmi, the personification of wealth.

Mataji and Babaji

Mataji is an Eastern adept in feminine form who is an immortal avatar. She is an expression of the Divine Mother (Mata). Learn more about Mataji and her consort Babaji. Includes a music video.

Medicine Buddha Mantra

Listen to the Medicine Buddha Mantra. Learn about his symbols and history. Read about Kathleen’s extraordinary experience using this mantra in the Medicine Buddha Mantra.

Related Articles from Other Categories

Buddhist Deities

Buddhist deities include Buddhas, female Buddhas and bodhisattvas. The masculine Buddhas are more well-known than their feminine counterparts. Learn more about Buddhist deities.

Hindu Deities

For thousands of years the rishis of India (Hindu sages) experimented with the effects of chanting. Mantras are generally focused on the names of the gods and goddesses in the Hindu pantheon of deities.

Deity Meaning

Nearly every spiritual tradition has personified God in one form or another. This article includes gods and goddesses, nature spirits, angels, heavenly beings and buddhas. 

Ancient Deities

Many ancient deities are based on the patterns and power of nature: spring, solstice, harvest, the sun, the moon, storms, fire and so forth. Learn more about ancient deities.

The Color Music Connection

Explore the fascinating connections between color and music. Includes synesthesia, the history of multimedia, the psychological impact of color music in health and more.

Visual Music

Visual Music Instruments

Visual music is a composition that consists of mobile abstract or geometric shapes integrated with music. This article covers a number of the early visual music instruments.

Chakras and Instruments

Chakras and musical instruments can be paired for each chakra. Certain groups of musical instruments produce sounds useful for balancing each of the seven major chakras. 

Chakra Vowel Sounds

Chakra vowel sounds are at the core of the universal sounds of creation. These sounds can be chanted on a single tone or sung using a simple melody for easier repetition.

Chakra Sounds

Learn the sounds associated with each chakra and how to strengthen your chakras through sound. Includes toning, bija seed syllables and mantras. Features videos with chakra sounds.

Chakras and Musical Notes

Chakras and musical notes have been paired in a number of ways. A simple system is to assign sequential notes from the C Major scale to each of the chakras. Learn about other systems.

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