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Video Playlists for Mantras, Symbolic Art and More

Welcome to video playlists exploring music, symbolic art, psychology and consciousness with Kathleen Karlsen. Kathleen’s channel shares experiences and tools aimed at expanding the possibilities for ourselves, our society and our world. Find nearly 100 videos on Kathleen Karlsen’s YouTube Channel.

Music of East and West with Kathleen Karlsen. Includes solo chants, live events and tracks from the Vocal Medicine album. Learn to use the science of mantras to create a happy heart, a clear mind and a rejuvenated body. Watch Music Videos.

Only have a minute? Mantra music for busy people! Tune in for a minute to refocus or take a musical coffee break any time of day. Includes a variety of musical styles. Listen to Minute Mantras.

Personal stories of bizarre, funny, and profound experiences. Commentary on politics, social psychology and human interactions. Listen to Stories and Commentary.

Personal experiences with exercise, lifestyle, symbolic anatomy, psychology and other keys to supporting optimal health. Listen to Health & Psychology.

A bija or “seed mantra” is a single syllable that is a primal, universal sound. These syllables connect to the forces of nature like fire and water. This playlist is a free course recorded as a live workshop. Listen to Sounds of the Cosmos.

Learn about Kathleen’s personal experiences and the healing power of mantras, chanting and kirtan. “Vocal Medicine: Transformation through Sound” book readings. Listen to Vocal Medicine Book Readings.