Mantra Retreats with Kathleen Karlsen

Mantra retreats allow you to set aside a half-day, day or weekend to immerse yourself in the practice of mantras. Learn in the beautiful, clean and wild “last best place”! Plan several days to enjoy expeditions to Yellowstone, waterfalls and the ever-present mountains.

Divine Mother Immersion Retreat

Divine Mother Immersion: Mantras & Stories

Experience the Divine Mother from multiple cultural perspectives. Includes mantras and inspiring stories from various world traditions.

Explore the Divine Mother as the protector, the giver of life and the goddess. Discover the bliss of the divine feminine in her many expressions. Perfect for those new to mantras and experienced chanters. Handouts included. Led by Kathleen Karlsen.

June 17, 2023, 9am-3:00pm Mini-Retreat