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Mantra Retreats with Kathleen Karlsen

Mantra retreats allow you to set aside a half-day, day or weekend to immerse yourself in the practice of mantras. Learn in the beautiful, clean and wild “last best place”! Plan several days to enjoy expeditions to Yellowstone, waterfalls and the ever-present mountains.

Mantras & the 5 Elements

Date TBD

Mantras & the Five Elements

Gain a deeper experience of the different types of mantras based on the Vedic five element system. Learn to balance your life and fundamental nature through mantras. Led by Kathleen Karlsen.


Mantras, Seed Syllables and Sacred Art Workshop

Date TBD

Mantras, Seed Syllables & Sacred Art

Combine mantras with yantras–their visual counterparts in sacred geometry. Learn to focus on a cosmic form as you chant for greater effectiveness. Includes study of the bija seed syllables. Led by Kathleen Karlsen.

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