Chakra Sounds
Chakra Resources (23 Articles)

Guide to chakras and the tools needed for balancing, healing and activating the seven major chakras with music, visualization, mantras, healing stones and more. Extensive information on each chakra.

Body Symbolism Articles

Body Meaning (3 Articles)

The spiritual meaning of the body can be a key to healing on all levels: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. An introduction to  correlating body parts and meaning.

Cloves Root Chakra Essential Oil
Essential Oils (2 Articles)

Essential oils have an ancient history of use in religious rituals and medicine. Chakras and essential oils pair well to help to calm and balance emotions and the mind. 

Kathleen Karlsen Health & Wellness

Healing Path (4 Articles)

Learn about many of the unique tools that have worked for Kathleen including mantras, visualization, symbolic art, affirmations, color therapy and spiritual psychology.

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