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Chakra Healing for Optimal Well-Being

Learn to heal and balance the chakras with affirmations, essential oils, healing stones, and tools to work with the kundalini energy. Transform your chakras and your life through a deeper understanding of how these energy centers function and can be influenced for positive benefits.

Chakras and Organs

Each of the organs in the human body are associated with one or more of the seven major chakras or energy centers. Chakras and organs give keys to creating optimal health.

Chakra Stones & Meaning

Chakra stones and meanings have an ancient history. There are specific chakra stones and meanings for each the seven major chakras. Learn more in Chakra Stones.

Chakra Transformation

Chakra are energy centers for transformation. Learn more about tools, experiences and how to work with the kundalini energy and chakra transformation in this article.

Root Chakra Stones

Chakra stones can be used as part of meditation and spiritual practices. Some stones hold positive energy or absorb negative energy and are used for protection in many cultures. 

Root Chakra Affirmations

Root chakra affirmations are a powerful way to create safety and security in your world. Learn to ground yourself and gain healing release with affirmations. 

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Chakras and Essential Oils

Chakras and essential oils pair well to help to calm and balance emotions and the mind. Essential oils operate on many levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.

Root Chakra Essential Oils

Find essential oils that assist in issues connected with safety, security and establishing a strong foundation for in the root chakra. Learn more about Root Chakra Essential Oils.

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