Buddhist Mantras: Deities, Stories & Meaning

Buddhist deities include the masculine Buddhas, feminine Buddhas and bodhisattvas. The masculine Buddhas are more well-known than their feminine counterparts. However, there are almost always counterparts to form a balanced pair. Some mantras are expressing principles or ideas rather than personified deities. Buddhist mantras are generally meditative, meaning they have simple melodies rather than complex arrangements.

Female Buddha Mantras

The female buddhas are generally less well known than their male counterparts. However, the masculine buddhas have feminine consorts with their own characteristics and mantras.

Heart Sutra: Buddhist Mantra

This mantra is one of the best-known in Buddhism. Most translations are as follows: “Awakening that is gone, gone to the furthest shore, gone completely to the furthest shore.”

Kuan Yin Healing Mantras

Kuan Yin is a Buddhist deity meaning mercy and compassion. She is a Buddhist savioress or bodhisattva. She has taken a vow to save all beings from suffering

Medicine Buddha

The Medicine Buddha is described in Mahayana Buddhism as a doctor who cures suffering using the medicine of his teachings. He is also known as the Medicine Master.