In the last decade Kathleen Karlsen has had over seventy exhibits of her art. Her work is in private collections in over twenty states and four countries. Her original art and prints have been donated to non-profit organizations including Habitat for Humanity, the Montana Ballet Company, the Bozeman Food Bank, the Montana Celiac Society, the Bozeman Music Arts Center, Middle Creek Montessori, and the National Breast Cancer Fund. 

Kathleen Karlsen Art Studio

“One of my primary goals is to emphasize the exhilaration of being alive expressed in exuberant color.
I want to share the beauty of nature and imagination as a source of rejuvenation for the viewer.”

Kathleen Karlsen
Springtime in the Mountains by Kathleen Karlsen
Springtime in the Mountains

Inspired by both imagination and science, Kathleen works in two styles. The first style is created with thick paint in a highly-textured, dimensional style. Kathleen’s landscapes and florals utilize this style. Her second style is a combination of flowing contours with layered forms. These works depict the wide, expansive reaches of the space as well as elements of the natural world. Both are designed to create an energizing, spontaneous and invigorating experience for the viewer.

A Beautiful Dawn

“The mysteries of art are incredible:
the power of visual symbols, the positive impact of color and form,
the amazing patterns in nature, and the mystical truths in geometry.
My desire is to share my creations as a
visual transference of optimism, inspiration and awe.”

Kathleen Karlsen

Take a deep dive into the arts! Kathleen’s books share her research, humor and dramatic personal experiences. Learn more about: Flower Symbols: The Language of Love and Vocal Medicine: Transformation through Sound.

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“I hope that the intensity of my artistic efforts will be captured on the canvas
and in turn energize someone else’s home, office or business with feelings of joy and transformation.
I love the excitement and chaos of every new creative experiment!”

Kathleen Karlsen