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The art on this website has been created and selected for the purpose of inspiring and uplifting the viewer. Many of these pieces were created by Kathleen Karlsen. Others have been created by artists under Kathleen’s direction or as a collaborative effort through Living Arts Studio. Each piece of art tells a story. The resources on this website give a deeper understanding of the significance of form, geometry, colors and the spiritual underpinnings of many of these works. Learn more in the dozens of articles available under Symbolism.

Flower Art & Gifts

Universe Art, Galaxies, Suns & Moons

Nature & Landscape Art

I received the painting in perfect condition. Thanks very much, it’s magnificent!

L.P., Phoenix, AZ

Deity Art

Yantras & Yoga Symbols

Quotes from Customers

The box came today and I am opening things and it’s like Christmas and Easter and my birthday and all the holidays rolled into one! Thank you so much!

T.M., Livingston, MT

Your art is a very special gift of yourself that is a blessing to give to others. You are blessed to have such a gift that you can share with many people. Your art helps us keep one foot on earth and one in another realm of light.

E.F., Bozeman, MT

I just wanted to let you know the painting arrived safely.... I've decided to put it in the dining room... It's just beautiful.

C.O., Seattle, WA

Hi Kathleen! I just wanted you to know that I got my mousepads in the mail today and oh they are just gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! I bought them for presents but I want to keep them all. They are beautiful.

M.W., Pocatello, ID

I received the painting in perfect condition. Thanks very much, it’s magnificent!

L.P., Phoenix, AZ

I have your painting in my office. So many of my patients have commented on what a healing vibration that painting has. It is so bright and cheerful and interesting. Thank you!

J.M., Bozeman, MT

You've created and brought forth so much beauty in your lifetime! I commend you for your courage and determination.

C.S., Washington, DC