Vocal Medicine Music

Vocal Medicine Music with Kathleen Karlsen

Vocal Medicine Music with Kathleen Karlsen

Discover music as medicine for body, mind and spirit! Explore singing a spiritual practice through devotional chanting and singing with Kathleen Karlsen. Learn mantras and sacred songs from Eastern and Western traditions including Kathleen’s original music. Kathleen is based in Bozeman, Montana and holds events in Montana, Idaho and surrounding areas. Events are non-denominational and open to all. Come chant with us! Sing, dance, meditate or relax.

Watch over 100 videos on Kathleen Karlsen’s YouTube channel! 

The effects of mantra yoga on the body and brain are being studied by scientists for the impacts on well-being on many levels. The power of the voice to transform our bodies, minds and spirits may be one of the reasons why devotional singing exists in virtually all cultures and traditions. Learn more about kirtan and mantras in the articles linked below. Vocal Medicine album available to listen here.

Kathleen has held over 600 workshops, music events and kirtans. She has also recorded an album of original music with her Vocal Medicine band. Visit Kathleen’s Sound Cloud profile or her YouTube channel to hear many of her chants and devotional music. Visit the Events page for the current schedule. Contact Kathleen to arrange an event in your area.

More About Kirtan and Mantras

Some define kirtan as chanting the names of God. Others view kirtan as a form of mantra yoga. Kirtan is a growing phenomenon in the West, backed by scientific studies of the benefits of both meditation and group singing. Learn more in Everything About Kirtan. Kathleen’s personal story of healing her heart with mantras. Exploring the power of chanting the name of God to create a miracle. Learn more about Kathleen’s path to what she calls Vocal Medicine. Read more at A Personal Journey: Reforge Your Heart.

A well-chosen mantra is an affirmation that keeps you on course in whatever is the highest direction or highest aspiration for your life. Every mantra carries a vibration or frequency. Learn in Mantra Yoga: Sacred Formulas for Body, Mind and Spirit. Singing dissipates feelings of loneliness, increases dopamine and oxytocin and benefits the brain, body and spirit in multiple ways.

Singing together has been shown to be effective for assisting with the alleviation of social anxiety and depression. Studies show that chanting and group singing change the chemistry of the brain. Chanting is a calorie-free, drug-free approach to supporting your overall wellness. Learn to use the science of mantras to create a happy heart, a clear mind and a rejuvenated body. More resources on the Sacred Mantras page.

Vocal Medicine Book

Learn more about using mantras and singing to invigorate your life! Explore concepts from East and West related to the power of singing. Explore the chakras and the impact of sound in every area of your life. Topics include:

  • Achieve improved emotional health through mantras
  • Create a happy brain through singing
  • Extensive discussion of sound and the chakras
  • Connections between sound, color and healing

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