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Vocal Medicine Band at Peace Festival

Discover music as vocal medicine for body and spirit! Explore singing a spiritual practice through devotional chanting and singing with Kathleen Karlsen. Learn mantras and sacred songs from Eastern and Western traditions including Kathleen’s original music.

Kathleen is based in Bozeman, Montana and holds events in Montana, Idaho and surrounding areas. Events are non-denominational and open to all. Come chant and sing with us!

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“Thank you so much! Wonderful to see people from all walks of life, all ages and spiritual backgrounds coming together in devotion. This is just awesome!”

NM, Bozeman, MT

Lovely chants tonight. Beautiful melodies and thoughts. Thank you!

MP, Swartz Creek, MI

I LOVE this chant and I am so happy to be with you again. Please let me know when you are in Boise again.

DT, Boise, ID

Vocal Medicine Events and Workshops

Kathleen Karlsen has held over 500 workshops, music events and kirtans in the last four years. She has also recorded an album of original music with her Vocal Medicine band. Visit Kathleen’s Sound Cloud profile or her YouTube channel to hear many of her chants and devotional music.

Vocal Medicine Band Kirtan Music
Vocal Medicine with Kathleen Karlsen
Vocal Medicine Workshop

Create a Happy, Healthy Brain through Singing

Singing dissipates feelings of loneliness, increases dopamine and oxytocin and benefits the brain, body and spirit in multiple ways. Singing together has been shown to be effective for assisting with the alleviation of social anxiety and depression. Studies show that chanting and group singing change the chemistry of the brain. Chanting is a calorie-free, drug-free approach to supporting your overall wellness. Learn to use the science of mantras to create a happy heart, a clear mind and a rejuvenated body.

Vocal Medicine Band with Kathleen Karlsen

Vocal Medicine Album Now on Spotify

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Seven tracks to play wherever you go….

Includes original tracks featuring voice, harmonium, drums, recorder, bass, guitar and kartals.

Many thanks to Andrew Karlsen, Paul Bohak, Mahima Giri, Jake Fleming, Beth Ann Kennedy and others for their contributions.

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Vocal Medicine Book

Learn more about using mantras and singing to invigorate your life! Explore concepts from East and West related to the power of singing. Explore the chakras and the impact of sound in every area of your life.

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Author Kathleen Karlsen

Vocal Medicine reveals Kathleen Karlsen’s personal journey with mantras, chanting and kirtan. Benefit from Kathleen’s years of research into the power of sacred music. Topics include:

  • Achieve improved emotional health through mantras
  • Create a happy brain through singing
  • Extensive discussion of sound and the chakras
  • Connections between sound, color and healing

186 pages, $15.95
30 Illustrations


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