Kathleen Karlsen is a professional writer, speaker, artist, musician and composer. She lives in Bozeman, Montana with her five children, two cats and two dogs. Kathleen loves hiking, photography and sharing meals with friends and family.

Karlsen Family Portrait 2020

Kathleen has created over 150 educational presentations and several workshops. She is the author of 200+ articles and two books: Flower Symbols (2011) and Vocal Medicine (2019).  Kathleen’s voice over work includes training videos for companies with an international client base. Kathleen’s music focuses on sacred world traditions. More on the Music Info page. In the last decade Kathleen has also held over seventy exhibits of her colorful, innovative art. She is currently creating a line of prints, posters and gifts. More on the Artwork and Store pages.

Kathleen has extensive experience teaching and presenting in person and online. Topics include symbolic art, the healing power of music, healthy and spiritual psychology. More info on the Speaking page. All of Kathleen’s work as a composer, vocalist, instrumentalist, artist, writer and content designer as well as her collaborative work with teams on larger projects comes under the umbrella of Living Arts Enterprises, LLC (founded 1997).

Kathleen holds a BA in studio art (College of William and Mary) and an MA in humanities (California State University). Her graduate research culminated in her master’s thesis The Color-Music Connection: Philosophical, Aesthetic and Scientific Perspectives (California State University, 2001). She has also completed a year of doctoral studies in education and holds numerous professional certifications.